8 Ways To Revamp Your Job This Season


Spring is a great time to start afresh and reassess your plans for the rest of the year. You’ll have time to test out certain strategies and figure out which ones are working, and which ones are not. Read on for some ideas on how to juice up your career!

Hone Your Work System

There’s always a way to become more efficient at work. If you think you still have room for improvement, try to hone your work system to perfection this Spring. Perhaps you need to assign certain tasks to certain days or set better calendar reminders. Read this for more ideas on how to better organize yourself at work.

Write Down Your Accomplishments in the Last Three Months

You’ve had three months since December and a lot can happen in that period. If you haven’t been noting down your accomplishments, take some time to write down your wins at work in the last quarter.

Also ask yourself if you are on track with your 2012 career goals. Figure out how to achieve bigger and better accomplishments for the rest of the year.

Brighten Up Your Desk

If you’ve already taken steps to brighten up your desk in the New Year, your accessories might be losing their spark, since you’ve been looking at the same gear day after day. Spice up your desk with a new accessory. Hang one of these Etsy work printsby your desk, or add these colorful desk accessories to your cube.

Organize and Clean Your Desk

This is a season synonymous with cleaning, so you know your desk is one of the first things you should be tackling.

Clear your desk and take stock of everything you have. And while you’re at it, brush away the dust that’s been collecting on the items on your desk and wipe them down with some sterilized wipes. Sort the items by type and either throw away or recycle the ones you don’t need, or file them away in a special spot. For more tips on organizing, read this.

Get to Know a Co-Worker Better

Satisfied with your own clique at work? Venture beyond your comfort zone and try to get to know another co-worker, perhaps even someone in a different department. It’s always good to branch out, and you never know what may come from these new alliances — a new work BFF or even a mentor.

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