The Secret Weapon Of Mass Destruction Nobody Admits To Owning

Nikoli Tesla found while experimenting with eccentric wheels that standing on the platform during the experiment gave him a pleasant buzzing feeling throughout his body. He also found that staying on the platform for longer than a minute or two aggravated heart rates and raised blood pressure to dangerously high levels.

Towards the end of World War ll, Nazi scientists developed a sound weapon based on a parabolic dish magnifying and concentrating sound. Notes recovered suggest it could focus on a group of people and debilitate them while the apparatus was in operation. It was never deployed though the reason why is unclear.

In the late 50’s and early 60’s Vladimir Gavreau, a robot scientist of Russian birth, and his assistant found that without warning they would become nauseous and have unbearable headaches when working in their lab. As soon as they left the lab the symptoms disappeared immediately.

They knew something in the lab was causing their sickness but had no idea what it was. Eventually, they noticed that a cup of coffee on the bench had strange ripples on it, at the same time as the ripples started they began to feel ill. When the ripples stopped they were fine again.

They found that the illness, and the coffee cup ripples stopped when certain windows were covered over. Extensive inquiries and dozens of tests lead to the discovery that a faulty motor driven ventilator had been installed in the building. It’s movement had caused an infrasonic resonance, that when coupled with the concrete in the building, formed a huge infrasonic amplifier at a resonance impossible for humans to hear but able to make them ill.

Now knowing the cause, Gavreau and his assistant tested the theory on themselves. They heard nothing, but within five minutes of using the apparatus designed to behave as the faulty motor and fan, they were reduced to crawling to the bench to turn it off. He noted at the time:

“Luckily we were able to turn it off quickly. All of us were sick for hours. Everything in us was vibrating, heart, lungs, stomach. All the people in the other laboratories were sick too. They were very angry with us.”

Gavreau was convinced he had found a new weapon. He continued altering the size and frequencies of the equipment in order to potentiate the effects.

Then in 1968 he stopped. Without warning and with no explanation the experiments ceased. Gavreau patented the device and the patent is stored in the French Patents office where the plans can be accessed for a small fee.

In 1975, the then USSR requested that infrasound weapons be classed as weapons of mass destruction and that their development should be prohibited worldwide. This followed publication of a number of articles accusing the US of using such weapons in Vietnam. This was followed by the same request again before it was dropped due to constant refusal of the west, the US and the UK to be precise, that legislation was needed when no one had or was developing such a weapon.

In 1977 however, an article in The British Science Magazine said that the UK was testing acoustic weapons on British soldiers. The article states:

“The weapons are similar to those deployed by the United States during the war in Vietnam”

Although no nation is admitting to owning infrasound devices they are willing to use sound as a weapon. The Long Range Acoustic Device, (LRAD) developed for maritime security, has crossed to land based use by law enforcement for crowd control. Mounted on top of some police vehicles, LRAD has a continuous volume of 162db. The pain threshold for most individuals is about 130db and it’s this that makes LRAD units effective.

Infrasound however is a different animal altogether. It operates at ultra low levels acting on people quite literally at the visceral level. Those subjected to infrasound will have headaches, feel nauseous and generally unwell.

As the exposure time increases, the headaches become more severe, they will vomit. Their heart rate increases and blood pressure rises. The internal organs will start to vibrate. Exposure beyond this point can be lethal. Continued exposure will lead to the breaking of delicate blood vessels in the internal organs and haemorrages will occur. Continued resonance within the body will cause a total breakdown of some organs and others will liquefy, at this point death is unavoidable.


There is no record of ANY country developing or deploying such a device but conspiracy theory abounds regarding the existence and usage of such weaponry.

I cannot believe personally that it does not exist. To be able to control large numbers of people without being seen to be doing so would be too irresistible to those that seek to control and manipulate their citizens. To be able to cause a debilitating illness or death at will, without getting their hands dirty would be too good to let pass.

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