FDA Insider Tells All: The Most Actionable Political Intelligence We’ve Ever Seen

As part of Wall Street Daily’s Keynote Speaker Series, I have a real treat for you today.

I scored an exclusive interview with a legitimate FDA insider.

You won’t believe what he’s saying.

Allow me to set the stage for you (trust me, you’ll get more out of the interview by knowing the quick backstory)…

You see, like it or not, the powers-that-be in D.C. can, in fact, “legislate” profits.

I’m not talking about the Federal Reserve’s ability to print money on demand, mind you.

Instead, I’m talking about how Congress can pass new laws that force companies to spend billions of dollars, simply to comply with the new regulations.

And those expenditures often end up lining the coffers of a select few publicly traded companies.

By knowing the identity of these ultimate beneficiaries in advance, switched-on investors and politicians can unlock killer gains in the stock market.

And today, we’re breaking the story on perhaps the biggest profit opportunity that Washington’s legislative process has ever triggered.

As you’ll soon see (and hear), it concerns an aspect of life that impacts every last human on earth – food safety.

From Policy to Profit in Food Safety

Each year, approximately 48 million people suffer from foodborne illnesses. Of that total, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die, according to the CDC.

That’s just unacceptable, which is why Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in January, 2011.

It represented the most sweeping reform to our food safety laws in almost a century.

And the legislation granted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to recall contaminated food, as well as the power to regulate any aspect of food production.

The only catch?

Before the FDA could wield its newfound power, it needed to determine the best ways to rapidly identify contaminated food sources.

True to form, the government took its merry time. But the FDA has finally finished. That means we’re literally on the cusp of new regulations forcing the entire food industry to take action.

To put the size of the opportunity into perspective, consider that in the United States alone, there are two million farmers; 570,000 facilities in the food service segment; and 167,000 manufacturers, processors and warehouses.

Wall Street Daily Exclusive

Given the enormity of the market, there’s no doubt that billions of dollars are going to be spent to comply with the new regulations. And that’s too big of an opportunity for me to ignore.

So, in an effort to help you understand where that money could end up – and, in turn, how we can profit from the situation – I secured an exclusive interview with not just one industry insider like I mentioned above, but two…

  • Rich McKeown, the former Chief of Staff for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the FDA. McKeown is now the President and CEO of the internationally known healthcare and food safety consulting firm, Leavitt Partners.
  • Former Senior Staff Scientist at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Jennifer McEntire, Ph.D. She co-authored the final reports provided to the FDA before joining Leavitt as the Senior Director of Food and Import Safety Practice.

In other words, I went directly to the source to get the scoop. And it paid off!

During the course of our interview, they revealed why we could see food industry companies spring into action even before the FDA issues its final regulations.

Most important of all, they share the identity of a publicly traded company that’s uniquely positioned to benefit from the implementation of FSMA. The fact that Wall Street remains largely clueless about this company (not a single analyst, except me, follows the stock) only increases our profit potential.

To hear for yourself, all you have to do is click on the image below. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important to act on this political intelligence before it’s too late.

FDA Interview

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese

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