If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty, Can The American People Handle It?

Should we take the thousands of people that are threatening to riot if George Zimmerman is found not guilty seriously?  After all, people make idle threats online all the time.  Sometimes people say things on Twitter or on Facebook that they don’t actually mean and would never actually do in real life.  And of course not everyone that is threatening to commit violence if George Zimmerman gets off will actually go out into the streets and start smashing things.  But without a doubt, it is quite alarming to have thousands upon thousands of supporters of Trayvon Martin publicly declaring that they are going to violently lash out if the verdict does not go their way.  In fact, things are so tense that police in Sanford, Florida are actually going door-to-door right now in an attempt to cool things down.  They remember what happened more than 20 years ago when a jury acquitted LAPD cops in the Rodney King case.  Nobody should want to ever see a repeat of that.

But our justice system has got to be able to function without having to be concerned about threats of violence if the “wrong result” is reached.  George Zimmerman deserves a fair trial just like everyone else does.  If he is actually guilty of a crime, then let him be found guilty.  If he is not guilty of a crime, then let him be found not guilty.

This notion that he must be found guilty “for the good of society” is complete and utter nonsense.  If we start allowing public opinion and threats of violence to determine the outcome of court cases, our legal system will lose all remaining credibility.

And honestly, right now the case is not going very well for the prosecution at all.  It appears that there is a really good chance that George Zimmerman will be acquitted.

Hopefully the American people will accept whatever verdict is reached.  If he is found not guilty, it should not be interpreted as an insult to one particular race of people.  We are all Americans, and we need to start considering ourselves to be one people.

Unfortunately, racial tensions in this country are extremely high right now, and many are warning that if George Zimmerman is found not guilty that it will unleash a wave of rioting unlike anything that we have seen in decades.  The following is from a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson

“I fully expect organized race rioting to begin in every major city to dwarf the Rodney King and the Martin Luther King riots of past decades.” warned licensed private detective and former Chicago police officer Paul Huebl, advising people to “be prepared to evacuate or put up a fight to win. You will need firearms, fire suppression equipment along with lots of food and water.”

Columnist and former senior presidential advisor Pat Buchanan cautioned last month that, “The public mind has been so poisoned that an acquittal of George Zimmerman could ignite a reaction similar to that, 20 years ago, when the Simi Valley jury acquitted the LAPD cops in the Rodney King beating case.”

Of course most of us are hoping that nothing like that will happen.  Most of us are hoping that cooler heads will prevail.

But authorities are definitely concerned.  In fact, police are actually going door-to-door in Sanford, Florida in an attempt to keep everyone calm…

Cops are going door-to-door in an American city again, only this time at least they are knocking on doors instead of knocking them down.

The most recent example of a police-state presence is developing even now in Sanford, Fla., where neighborhood-watch participant George Zimmerman is on trial for murder for the death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

While the media has portrayed Zimmerman as white, he actually has a Hispanic heritage, and Martin was black.

Police say they fear the backlash from the community which could develop at the point the jury verdict is delivered. Los Angeles had days of rioting when the Rodney King verdict came down.

So Sanford Police Chief Cecile Smith confirmed officers are going door-to-door talking to people.

“Our worst fear is that we’d have people from outside the community coming in and stirring up … violence,” he said.

But if Zimmerman is found not guilty, Sanford will not be the only community that could potentially see rioting.

The truth is that we could potentially see violence nationwide, and the mainstream media is at least partially to blame.

They have sensationalized this case and have stoked racial tensions for months and months.  They have turned this case into a giant media spectacle, and so now this verdict is going to be one of the most anticipated in U.S. history.

If the verdict does not go the way that the media and the supporters of Trayvon Martin want it to go, what is going to happen?

I think that we can get some clues by reading what people are saying on Twitter.  The following are some examples I found that have relatively clean language.  Many of the other examples I found were even more violent.  The threats that some of the supporters of Trayvon Martin are making are absolutely chilling…









— PRESIDENT FITZ GRANT (@PartyManEazy) July 2, 2013









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  1. No, Zimmerman was in constant communication with the police and the calls were all recorded. No one is taking Zimmerman at his word alone. Facts are facts, and yet some juries still make mistakes. I hope this one doesn’t. Yes, I believe Zimmerman felt his life was at stake when he was pinned to the ground and being beaten by Martin. Regardless of your race, would any one of you just lay there and let Martin kill you? I didn’t think so.

  2. JohnDille, your insults don’t put you on a pedestal above all the people you virulently hate. Just because most of us can see the truth about the Zimmerman/Martin confrontation doesn’t make us KKK, doesn’t mean we are wearing white robes and pillow cases. You are a racist. Admit it.

  3. JohnDille, you started out claiming that you are white, now you claim that most of your relatives are black. You use poverty as an excuse to just give up and hate, give up and strike out, give up and riot. You are the one who is just self-serving BS. Your attitude is what makes peoples lives spiral downward. No-one is responsible for your life but you. Your precious, chosen race deliberately rejects everything that makes a person successful. It is NOT the fault of whites, Republicans or anyone else. It is YOUR fault.

  4. JohnDille, you claim “i will not jump to any conclusions,” but your posts are a steady stream of jumping to conclusions. You lie and you insult.

  5. Whats offensive is idiots wanting the INNOCENT Zimmermann to go to jail because it was a NEGRO that got killed when Zimmerman defended himself. If Trayvon had been “whitie”, Negros would be saying Zimmerman is innocent. The FACTS says so.

  6. “to the total hopelessness of being Black and dirt poor in a nation that is the richest that has ever existed.”
    That is your peoples fault. Get OFF the streets. Get off the crack, and make something of yourselves. Why is it that Negros blame everybody else for the problems they create for themselves.
    And why dont you believe your Imposter president when he said “stop blaming others for YOUR problems”. Its too easy a way out. No ecuses for not making something of yourselves. Unless you are saying that blacks are too stupid to do anything for themselves?

  7. Lets not forget that racism is associated with the demonrat pukes. It was the Republicans that freed the slaves. Demonrats resisted.
    It was the Republicans that backed the negro’s during the civil rights era. Southern demonrats met them with dogs, tear gas, and batons.
    Zimmerman had bruises BEFORE Travon was killed, so the statement that zimmerman was on the ground being beaten was true, and self defense was legitimate. But thats right…only blacks are innocent.

  8. I say we meet them head on with same response they do to innocent whites. Of course, thats ONLY if they try and do so. Which they will. Force against mob rule. They will respect the law then.

  9. Um. Its the blacks that have dumbed down this country. How many colleges and schools have LOWERED their educational standards so that “minorities” can graduate?

  10. Really? They were just “upset”. Thats the way the Liberal press will televise it. Or slant it to be an “obvious” reactions to finding an guilty man (in THEIR eyes only) innocent.

  11. In other words….don’t riot?
    These people will riot when things dont go their way. The tiral is going in Zimmermanns favor, so they have to threaten riots to try and ensure Zimmermann, an innocent man, goes to jail.
    Problem is, the liberal courts may just find him guilty to avoid that. To heck with innocense.

  12. You’re not pro black you’re pro crime. As long, that is, it’s done by blacks. Martin wasn’t just minding his own business.

  13. @ John
    I agree that hard work alone won’t make you rich or successful, but that isn’t a problem unique to blacks in this country. It takes a few years to realize that hard work and A PLAN is necessary to be successful.
    Alot of young people give up before the game really gets started

  14. @ John
    Would your FIRST action have been to break the guy’s nose and try to beat his head in on the cement? Or would you have asked why he was following you?

  15. If Obama declares martial law it will encompass the WHOLE country. That’s what he WANTS

  16. Yes; they can handle it. Just like they can handle it that Thousands of Neegrows slaughter Thousands of Neegrows every single year. They be handlin that for many decades .

  17. He had a legal Carry Permit and probably carried for the purpose of self defense. Libs hate it when something happens that is contrary to their agenda. By the way the last I heard Zimmerman voted democratic and was an Obama supporter.

  18. Zimmerman is nothing more than a civilian harassing another civilian who wasnt in the act of committing any crime. He had no authority to follow or stop this minor black kid. Further approach him and accost him… So i hope he receive the same justice that so many incarcerated black men have received, whom were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and any black man would do.. SELF DEFENSE when he was the aggressor… tell me another good joke.. this kid was minding his own business!!! Yeah right

  19. You should have character and intelligence to differentiate right from wrong. Some people just don’t have neither.

  20. Rioting can be considered a terrorist act. Flash mobbing should be considered an act of domestic terrorism. Homeland security should send troops into the area to arrest and imprison each and every rioter.

  21. I say let them riot. The cops can try out their new toys. Start with tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bags and water cannons. Flood the area streets with water then drop a power line.

  22. They do allow guns, check out the guys that enforce those rules in those places. The places that just post no guns and don’t have enforcement are the ones that have problems. The best way to stop a bad person is a good armed person.

  23. Johnd, you have had 4 1/2 years of obama who was elected from Illinios, and yet you like so many blacks still want to blame Republicans or anyone not black. And no I’m not racist, I have 5 beautiful half black, half hispanic grandchildren and a wonderful daughter in law that does not agree with all the B.S. spewed by obama, sharpton, and j. jackson, which is mostly hate.

  24. where was the justice for O.J? he got off and EVERYONE knew he was guilty. I’m not using that man to justify Zimmerman. All I’m saying is get your facts straight! and Don’t believe everything the propaganda arm of the federal government the main stream media. The media and the race pimps are responsible if there is ANY rioting!

  25. We have tolerated Obama and his criminal activities. When are americans gonna say ENOUGH?

  26. Have you ever noticed that all these Low income folks you refer to all live in a City that is run by Democrats and for the most part have always been run by Democrats ? I assume you blame it on the Republicans because that was the way you were brought up and told.

    Instead of handing out freebies to keep them from working, why can;t they be given a Helping hand to getting a job and self respect. Too many have already done it so we know it is possible. It is a mind set… Improve your self or keep sucking the easy Government teat. The Democrats would prefer the latter as it is easier to control the masses.

  27. If the victim had been white, it never would have made the news. BTW, Zimmerman is Hispanic.

  28. YEAH, having lived near Chicago, and having many relatives, most of them Black, who also lived in Chicago, all the violence there really does anger me. I have had 3 close relatives get murdered in Chicago, including my son, and a LOT of that crap is due to the total hopelessness of being Black and dirt poor in a nation that is the richest that has ever existed. Republicans keep telling us that all you have to do is work hard and use your head, and you will probably do well. But most low income folks, especially if they are non-White, learn that that is just self serving BS, and they learn it the hard way by the time they are in their early teens. After that, it is all just pure dumb luck… all the kids you used to know have been killed, but YOU survived, and live in totally hopeless poverty. LUCKY YOU!!!

  29. WHY??? DOES THE TRUTH OFFEND YOUR RIGHT WING SENSIBILITIES??? If some guy gets a raw deal… in this case, gets murdered.. I would be angry no matter what his color. I guess YOU would only be angry if the victim was White! Take your white robe off and take the pillow case off your head, you are in the public domain here!!!

  30. I hope Zimmerman gets what he deserves. whatever that may be. I hope he is not released or imprisoned to satisfy anyone.
    Demonstrators are one thing, rioters on the other hand should be dealt with accordingly.

  31. The picture that the news media is showing is when Travon Martin was about 14 yrs old.Has anyone seen a recent picture of Travon Martin,when all this took place?

  32. Please riot, PLEASE! Down here in Texas we are just itchin’ for a chance to take your 18% and reduce it to say 3%. Yee Haw

  33. with all of the free phones–the young criminal element of the black race can get together a mob at a moments notice.. where are the parents? maybe they condone this behaviour. the problem has been in the making for 75 years with the aid for dependent children enacted by marxist fdr.. in essence–uncle sam becomes the absent father and sends a check every month. the afdc funds are paid for by our social security deductions.. yes–that money comes out of every working stiff’s paycheck and now we have 5 and 6 generations of afdc children and their welfare queen mom’s. no dads. now the public is being threatened that if the courts do not come up with a verdict of their choosing–they will destroy property and hurt us, burn us, shoot us, kill us. if the american public tolerates this–shame on us.

  34. 1, Zimmerman was following Mr. Martin 2. “Z” was told to wait for back up ! 3. Most Latino males are prejudice towards black males just come to lost Angels California 4. “Z” just lost the fist fight whom he had to approach Mr. Martin in the first place who had called his girlfriend saying some man is following him. So it’s common since if Mr. Zimmerman hadn’t been trying to stop Mr. Martin in his travels a 17 year wouldn’t be shot. In Compton , Ca this year the latinos use to attack blacks , till a US Federal judge handed down ten year sentence for two drug thugs first of this year , so no more race problem. I’m a homeless man myself and had to defend myself cause of racism of Latino’males even though I work for three Mexican ladies on their yards. One Mexican man killed six homeless white men stabbing them in their sleep in Orange country last year. Anaheim police had to shoot two who had military assault rife’s running around in gangs and claiming drug cartel associates. Oh ‘ by the way No Amnesty too !

  35. personally I am tired of hearing how the poor blacks are so mistreated and whites are ALL racist!!! it was one thug that jumped the WRONG MAN period.
    he got what he deserved I am just glad Zimmerman was able to DEFEND HIMSELF

  36. not
    if he was standing his ground. What is truly on trail is your right
    not to fear in your homes and to watch out for the families that live
    near you.

  37. This is clearly a case of self defense. Martin walked up to Zimmermn sucker punched him breaking his nose, knockin Zimmerman to the ground, Martin then straddled himself atop Zimmerman pummeling him with punches and banging his head on the ground and telling Zimmerman ” I’am going to kill you”. At that p[oint Zimmerman was justifiably in fear for his life –managed to reach his gun( He had a conceal license to carry a gun ) and shot Zimmerman. An eye witness identifies Martin punch Zimmerman, and that the man on top was Martin, and Zimmerman was yelling “Help me”. If Zimmerman is found guilty of anything it would be as terrible and unjust as O.J. Simpson being found not guilty of Killing his wife and the man who was returning her glasses. The police did not want to charge Zimmerman– It was political pressure brought to bear by the likes of Jesse jackson, Al Sharpton and other progressive liberal Democrats. that resulted in Zimmerman being charged. President Obama said “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”.Millions of Egyptian citizens in the streets protesting Protesting and demanding the ouster of President Morsi and his Islamo-facist government and Obama initiaaly sends Morsi 1.5 Billion dollars, Planes and tanks, 400 American troops to help Quell the protesting citizens and Obama also sends thousands of tear gas canisters to Morsi to use against the protestors. When over 20 Million Egyptians are calling for Morsi to go and the military to take over and call for speedy, fair elections I believe our President should not take the side of the man who called for the defeat of the American pigs and the destruction of the State of Israel.

  38. JohnDillie – Martin was not a resident of that community, his dad was. Martin’s mother sent him to his father because he was getting into trouble. So no, he was not a regular person to be seen in that community. And if you will go back and research the original stories there had been several break ins by two young black men. That’s what got this whole thing started.

  39. Your question is worded wrong. Yes America can handle a not guilty verdict. Some African Americans will undoubtedly prove they are not Americans and act exactly the way the Media and Obama have pushed them to. It is a win win for Obama as he will get exactly what he wants, a reason to declare Martial Law. But it will only be needed in LA, Chicago, Atlanta and other areas with large populations of uneducated Black Americans. Some will call me Racist but watch and see what areas riot. I am sure I will hear if I am wrong, but not expecting any I told you so type comments.

  40. John, his Dad was a resident and Trayvon was visiting his Dad, but was not a resident himself. As someone who understands the wording of the Law, Zimmerman was acting in self defense and feared for his life. Lethal Force is allowed. If the jury is not coerced by the threat of riots they should find him Not Guilty as the only possible verdict. The only reason there is even a trial is because the Government was scared into it. Why do you suppose the Sanford Police refused to arrest and charge Zimmerman and the prosecutor refused to file charges?
    Because no law was broken.
    Why do you suppose the prosecutor to date has looked like a fool, because he has no evidense of wrong doing by Zimmerman.
    If you want to get upset because some Black kid was killed, look at Chicago where Black Kids (plural) are killed every week and most of them are innocent kids. Not some punk who was going to show Zimmerman what for, for following him.

  41. It is not the Sanford Prosecutor, but a special Prosecutor appointed by the Governor, who bowed to the Political pressure instead of doing what was right and allowing Sanford’s findings to stand as no charge needed..
    If you are talking legal definitions, look up self defense. Zimmerman should be found Not Guilty and an apology given by all involved who wasted tax money to attempted to prosecute him including the #1 Bigot in America, Obama himself.

  42. Z was a volunteer, not a licensed security guard or a police officer. he should not have had a gun on him, much less loaded. it was not a place to carry a firearm. there are reasons that places don’t allow guns. banks, court rooms, town halls, restaurants, ect. and he was one of them.

  43. I say let them riot, We have never actually had a game of Cowboys and Rioters. Should be interesting.
    My money is on the Cowboys.

  44. If they are so racist why not find the Hispanic Guilty? I have come to the conclusion that the true Racists are Black and mostly the uneducated ignorant Blacks that are easily manipulated by the Government and the media. Who else would riot and burn their own homes and loot their own stores. I have no doubt if Obama had a son he would be as big a Liar as Him and would be one of the rioter’s, just another loser.

  45. If the jury weighs the evidence presented and Finds Zimmerman not guilty and the blacks want to riot, so be it.

    The good citizens of this nation should not be held to appease any group through the threat of violence.

    The black community will not further their standing in society by such actions.
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  46. 911 is calling for back up & you weren’t there, let the Court & the Jury decide.

  47. your a white apologist ? if so keep your apology to yourself your full of liberal bias & crap

  48. Years ago, I predicted that the next was would be between the browns and the blacks!

  49. Just remind these foolish people that if they do riot when Zimmerman whens, that they will be the next ones to go to court!

  50. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO AFRICA??? Are all your Klan buddies going with you, or are going by yourself, so you can dumb down the place all by your lonesome?

  51. He and his parent were both residents of that gated community. Too bad Zimmerman was too busy chasing Black kids to notice. BUT… no judgements here.. I am not a Republican so I will not jump to any conclusions. But from what I have heard, Zimmerman is at least guilty of manslaughter or second degree murder, and if not that, then at least blatant stupidity, probably arising from his prejudices. REAL police are trained to call for back up if they intend to confront someone… this guy just did the Lone Ranger thing without calling Tonto, just because the kid was Black and looked suspicious.

  52. It’ll be just another excuse for the “oppressed black community” to have a reason to loot, break, destroy and maim all in the name of justice. C’mon people be civilized!!

  53. Maybe Zimmerman just should have let the gang banging thug kill him. You wouldn’t have even heard about it on the news. Blacks are more racist than whites but the race pimps, Sharpton, Jackson and Matthews want to keep the myth alive.

  54. If trouble ensues credit the Sanford DA for throwing out commonsense and bowing to political pressure (ie; the mob) to recklessly charge a more serious crime with a much higher burden of proof not supported by emerging facts and arresting officer evidence. Zimmerman needs to go to jail for starting something he could not manage without callous and cowardice disregard for life by resorting to use of a gun. Better to accept the beating that Martin was putting on him. A bad situation turned worse into a horror. A conviction for 2nd degree murder would be as wrong as a verdict of innocence. Its seems clearly a case of “manslaughter” under the legal definition.

  55. So if not guilty the blacks are going to smash things. Will they attack Mexico, it won’t belong hopefully and the whites will come together and put a end to these uncivilized peoples. How embarrassing it must feel to be so stupid. Free trips one way to Africa any takers:-)

  56. I’m glad you corrected your statement, they also threaten to riot if he wasn’t reelected in 2012. Remind me again who are the terrorist in this country to hold our country at such a level if we don’t elect someone they will riot.
    Women take notice if you don’t get a woman in the WH threaten to riot.

  57. Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his vehicle. With that said, Martin jumped Zimmerman from behind while Zimmerman was on his way back to his SUV. That makes Martin the aggressor and Zimmerman the victim. It appears that Zimmerman’s school records will be available and presented in court. I can only hope that Martin’s school records and his dealings with the police are also presented.

    Lady justice will not die if Zimmerman is found guilty because of a rear of rioting, but it will surely cripple her for generations to come.

  58. If memory serves me,wasn’t this “black kid” in a gated community? If he was in a “gated community”,it would seem reasonable that he should have been a “resident’,AND IF NOT a resident,he was “TRESSPASSING”. Could this be why Mr.Zimmerman was “following” this Mr. Martin?

  59. Whites will rejoice..Blacks will be disgusted..but not surprised. In a controversial 1975 article, titled “White Racism, Black Crime, and American Justice,” criminologist Robert Staples argued that discrimination pervades the justice system. He said the legal system was made by white men to protect white interests and keep blacks down. Staples charged that the system was characterized by second-rate legal help for black defendants, biased jurors, and judges who discriminate in sentencing. Does anyone really think that there is the slightest possibility that those 5 White women and 1 Hispanic woman will find Zimmerman guilty? NO!

  60. Correction:

    people were threatening to riot if Obama was elected.—>should be “people were threatening to riot if Obama was NOT elected.”

  61. I think that the people who are Black should riot to the exact same extent that the Caucasian people did when O.J. was acquitted!

  62. Oh…I just remembered this blog post the same thing and same syntax except from that time was about people were threatening to riot if Obama was elected.

    By the way, the police and the judicial system is already going too far and abusing their power. A kid post a complaining on his facebook , saying he is going to shoot or something but with a note that he was kidding. Now that 19 years old kid is facing 10 years in prison. The prosecutor offer plea of guilty to reduce to 8 years in prison. My personal opinion is that it’ the prosecutor should go to jail for wasting people’s money and destroying a family.

    Going back to this Florida shooting, if you paid attention to how cops deal with this case when the killing happened, you won’t have confidence on the judicial and the law enforcement system, especially the low enforcement.

  63. HEY… IT’S RURAL FLORIDA where its still OK for some non-Black guy to follow a Black guy around, harass him, confront him, and then shoot him in “””self-defense””” just because the Black guy felt threatened enough to react to some guy… who could have been a criminal… in the same way that a LOT of guys, Black or White or Brown, would have reacted. I am White, but if some guy was following me all over the place, and confronting me, I would assume he was trying to rob me or something, and would almost certainly react in the same way that Trayvon Martin reacted. A TOTALLY UNBIASED JURY WOULD HAVE TO CONVICT ZIMMERMAN OF MAN-SLAUGHTER, AT THE VERY LEAST. But Black folks all over the country are still VERY aware that in rural Florida, the Klan and right wing Republicans and racism are all very much alive and well… and that Zimmerman will very likely go free just because his victim was an unarmed Black kid, and his killer is not. AND BLACK FOLKS SHOULD NOT BE UPSET BY THAT??? We can hope they will vent their legitimate anger in responsible ways… BUT if you are poor… of any color… NO ONE pays any attention to you and your anger and your problems, unless you MAKE them pay attention. Unfortunately, riots are one of the only ways to do that!

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