Government Shutdown? 36 Facts Which Prove That Almost Everything Is Still Running

All of this whining and crying about a “government shutdown” is a total joke.  You see, there really is very little reason why this “government shutdown” cannot continue indefinitely because almost everything is still running.  63 percent of all federal workers are still working, and 85 percent of all government activities are still being funded during this “shutdown”.  Yes, the Obama administration has been making a big show of taking down government websites and blocking off the World War II Memorial, but overall business in Washington D.C. is being conducted pretty much as usual.  It turns out that the definition of “essential personnel” has expanded so much over the years that almost everyone is considered “essential” at this point.  In fact, this shutdown is such a non-event that even referring to it as a “partial government shutdown” would really be overstating what is actually happening.  The following are 36 facts which prove that almost everything is still running during this government shutdown…

#1 According to U.S. Senator Rand Paul, 85 percent of all government activities are actually being funded during this “government shutdown”.

#2 Approximately 1,350,000 “essential” federal employees will continue to work during this “government shutdown”.

#3 Overall, 63 percent of the federal workforce will continue to work during this “government shutdown”.

#4 The U.S. Postal Service will continue to deliver our mail.

#5 U.S. military personnel will remain on duty and will continue to get paid.

#6 Social Security recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#7 Medicare recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#8 Medicaid recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#9 Food stamp recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#10 Those on unemployment will continue to get their benefits.

#11 Federal retirees will continue to get their pensions.

#12 The federal school lunch program has enough money to go through at least the end of this month.

#13 Public schools all over the country will continue to stay open.

#14 Almost all federal law enforcement officials will continue working.

#15 The Federal Reserve will remain “completely functional“.

#16 The Supreme Court will continue to operate normally and federal courts have enough money to keep going for at least two weeks.

#17 TSA employees will continue to molest travelers at our airports.

#18 Air traffic controllers will continue to monitor traffic at our airports.

#19 Hopelessly outmanned border patrol agents will continue to try to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

#20 Visas and passports will continue to be issued by the State Department.

#21 The Veterans Administration will continue to offer substandard medical services, and it will be able to continue processing benefit payments at least for now.

#22 The Obama administration apparently has plenty of money to spend on closing open-air memorials that are usually open to the public 24 hours a day.

#23 The Department of Defense announced the awarding of 94 new contracts worth a combined total of more than 5 billion dollars on September 30th – the day right before the “government shutdown”.

#24 The “government shutdown” has not prevented the new two billion dollar NSA spy center from opening up.

#25 Federal prisons will continue to operate normally.

#26 Amtrak trains will continue to run.

#27 The Patent and Trademark Office will be open.

#28 The Consumer Product Safety Commission will continue to issue product recalls if the products “create an immediate threat to the safety of human life“.

#29 The National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Centerwill continue to track weather patterns.

#30 If the federal government needs to respond to a natural disaster, this “shutdown” will not affect that.

#31 NASA will continue to support the Mars Rover and the two American astronauts up on the International Space Station.

#32 All city employees of the D.C. government have been deemed “essential” and will continue to go to work.

#33 Even though the Obamacare exchanges are not working properly, people will still be able to access them.

#34 The IRS will continue to collect taxes, but it will be suspending punitive audits of conservative organizations.

#35 Barack Obama will continue to get paid for the full duration of this “shutdown”.

#36 The U.S. Congress will continue to get paid for the full duration of this “shutdown”.

Of course not everything is operating normally during this government shutdown.  Government parks are closed.  The EPA and the Department of Energy have almost totally closed up shop.  But overall, most Americans are not going to notice much of a difference.

And perhaps now is a good time for the American people to evaluate whether or not they actually need a gigantic federal government that wastes enormous mountains of our money.

For example, our federal government recently spent $98,670 to construct a single outhouse in Alaska.

That is more than a lot of Americans pay for their entire houses.

For many more examples like this, please see my previous article entitled “The Waste List: 66 Crazy Ways That The U.S. Government Is Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money“.

It is about time that Washington D.C. started experiencing some of the “belt-tightening” that the rest of the country has been going through.  For far too long, the fatcats in D.C. have been living in an alternate reality where they have been able to live the high life at our expense.  A recent blog post by Daniel Greenfield discussed how this shutdown is going to affect the alternate reality that the Obamas have been living in…

The government shutdown has forced Obama to make do with only a quarter of his 1,701 person staff. That would leave 436 “vital” employees. The 90 people who look after his living quarters would be slashed to 15 to “provide minimum maintenance and support”.

Buckingham Palace, which is twelve times the size of the White House and has its own clockmaker, only has an 800 person staff. King Harald V of Norway and his court make do with 152 staffers. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden gets by with 203.

On Twitter, Michelle Obama announced that she is unable to Tweet on her own without the aid of all of her sixteen assistants; many of whom take home six figure salaries. There are more directors, associate directors and deputy associate directors on Michelle Obama’s staff than there were in George Washington’s entire administration.

Presidents have fought wars and made peace, explored and annexed vast territories and built a nation out of a handful of colonies with fewer senior staffers than are needed to handle Michelle Obama’s Twitter account.

Oh the humanity!  Will Michelle Obama ever tweet again?  And how will the White House continue to function without at least one projectionist on duty at the White House 24 hours a day?

No wonder Barack Obama is so upset about this shutdown.

In the end, this shutdown could turn out to be very good for America.  We have a government that is wildly out of control and that desperately needs to be reigned in.

During the Obama administration, federal debt held by the public has risen by 90 percent, and overall federal government spending has risen by a whopping 317 percent since 1990.

So is it really a bad thing that the federal government has been forced to cut back for a little while?

Our politicians can whine and cry all they want.  They won’t be getting any sympathy from me.

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  1. You need to check your history class. The nazis were not socialists. They were fascists . That is a govt that is in bed with the corporations and work together to rip off and abuse their citizens. The Russians were communist not true socialist . True socialist countries would be Denmark,Finland,Canada Sweden,Norway,Ireland. Their citizens are rated as the happiest most content on the planet.

  2. I was going to try to let this go, but I just can’t. Your premise is that reducing the size of the federal government will turn America into a right-wing dictatorship like Russia, China, and Nazi Germany. But those countries are/were socialist countries (yes, even Nazis were socialists) where the control was centralized by a massive government complex. It seems to me that your “argument” supports the need for smaller government, not a larger one.

  3. BECAUSE YOU ARE A RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN, I GUESS WE CAN EXCUSE YOUR IGNORANCE OF HISTORY AND OF REAL ECONOMICS… Being a right wing Republican is a LOT like being born in deepest darkest Africa… you can have NO knowledge of the real world or of the science behind it, so right wingers, like tribal memebers born deep in the jungles of the world, MUST depend on superstitions and legends and false information to navigate through their intellectually impoverished lives. FIRST OF ALL, it was Republican policies that buried this nation in debt in the first place, AND that generated the most serious economic crisis SINCE THE LAST TIME THAT REPUBLICANS HAD EXTENDED CONTROL OVER THIS NATION… the 1920’s. All that Republican generated debt and Republican generated economic disasters led directly to the very policies that you are attacking!!! YOU ARE ATTACKING YOUR OWN PHILOSOPHICAL LEADERS BY ATTACKING THE POLICIES USED TO BRING THE DISASTER THEY CREATED UNDER CONTROL!!! SECOND… perhaps THE central problem with Republican economic policies IS THAT REPUBLICANS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO REAL UNDERSTANDING OF MODERN ECONOMIC THEORIES OR PRACTICES… which is why EVERY time that Republicans take political control of this nation, we end up in a recession… OR WORSE… Since 1950, there have been 11 official recessions…10 OF THEM BEGAN UNDER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS… and the worst of them came with Republicans in control of the House, the Senate, and/or the White House!!! You right wingers can deny THAT reality all that you want, BUT IT IS A FACT!!! FINALLY… Bernamke’s policies, that you are complaining about, HAVE BEEN USED, VERY SUCCESSFULLY, BEFORE!!! But, since you and your right wing brethren know NOTHING about REAL history or REAL economics, you would not know anything about that! RIGHT AFTER WORLD WAR 2, 12 MILLION MILITARY PERSONNEL WERE MUSTERED OUT OF UNIFORM, AND TENS OF MILLIONS OF CIVILIANS LOST THEIR JOBS BUILDING TANKS AND WAR PLANES AND SHIPS AND AMMUNITION AND SUCH! This caused a DEEP recession, as any realistic person might expect, SO THE FED HELPED STIMULATE THE ECONOMY BY BUYING UP PUBLIC AND PRIVATER DEBT, IN ORDER TO DRIVE DOWN INTEREST RATES AND TO KEEP THEM LOW FOR ABOUT 6 YEARS, ALTOGETHER. This and other Democratic pol;icies and practices led to the greatest economic boom in workld history… AND THERE WAS VERY LITTLE INFLATION CAUSED BY ALL OF THOSE FED AND FEDERAL PRACTICES… BECAUSE MONEY CREATION IS NOT WHATY CAUSES INFLATION!!! What creates inflation is the rapid growth of personal income, or the rapid rise in the costs of funadmental econonomic inputs such as labor and the cost of commodities. THAT IS WHY INFLATION SOARED UNDER NIXON AND FORD… OIL AND OTHER COMMODITY PRICES SOARED, AND WAGES CONTINUED TO RISE BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMIC BOOM CREATED WHILE KENNEDY AND JOHNSON WERE PRESIDENT!!! This whole inflationary spiral helped destroy the Carter Presidency, and the Fed broke that spiral by jacking up interest rates to record smashing highs!! I WOULD CONTINUE WITH THIS HISTORY, BUT I HAVE TO GO!!!

  4. You are not only politically ignorant but exceptionally lacking a knowledge of economics. What the lefty Bernanke has done (judged by his acts, not his words) is set up the United States for an economic collapse not seen in a Western Nation sin the Wiemar Republic which paved the way for Hitler. He has artificially restrained interest rates below their true market value while simultaneously deflating the value of the dollar via quantitative easing (QE). Currently and for at least a year he is committed to pumping $85 billion in magic money into the system. This money has no worth, since it was not created via the normal value for value market process. No, it is simply transmitted over the internet from his computer to the bank account of the US Treasury. The treasury secretary then distributes it to the friends of obama. Every time, every time, such schemes have been practiced in the past, the nations involved were overwhelmed with massive inflation. Chairman Ben’s grip on interest rates is already slipping. The Chinese money guys may be many things, but they are not stupid. They understand that as Ben inflates our money supply devaluing the dollar, the dollars they are repaid for their loans become worth less than the loan amount. It’s sad, but they understand money markets better than our guys and will demand ever higher interest rates to justify the capital they put at risk. Other nations and individuals will side with them. You are aware that the purchasing power of the dollar has diminished about 98% since the Federal Reserve became our central bank? You cestodian socialists are all alike – obnoxious and misinformed.

  5. Thanks for the facts and comparisons. It truly is incredible how distopian our govt has become. And the wheels on the bus go round and round until we drive over the cliff.

  6. I guess some post can’t address the article if it is factual.true that people want affordable health care.but NOT the affordable care act..It seems to me that the only group that always tries to past laws against ideas or thoughts that they disagree with are the “liberals” of should I say fascist. It was Illinois senator Obama that fought for denying care of infants born alive during an abortion..I must have missed the republicans putting handicapped people in gas chambers..THATS HANDICAPPED NOT RETARDED..The republicans are not against medicare, social security.etc. only against the useless workers employed to “enforce and evaluate” the overwhelming government regulations….like the ratio of 8 people employed by medicare for every 1 physician in the US…Finally, the only communist thought I see at the present is OBAMACARE…aimed at taking over our medical care and with it a large portion of US spending.

  7. The polls show the opposite of what you say.more than half the people want affordable health care and the computer crashes on opening day attest to the popularity of the ACA. When the people sign up for this affordable healthcare option they will not give it up. That is why the corporations are fighting this with everything they have re money. It’s not doing the job. The republicans will lose this battle as more and more people join.

  8. Despite their funding deluge from wealthy donors, Republicans failed to overwhelm President Barack Obama and Democrats at the ballot box. So was throwing all that money, an estimated $ 3.6 billion, minimum, at the 2012 election worth it?

    Obama was handily re-elected, Democrats added two more seats to their majority in the Senate, and they cut into the Republican lead in the House.

    There is no two ways about it: that spelled bad news for Karl Rove, president George W. Bush’s then-strategist and a party luminary who raised huge money for Republican efforts across the United States this year.

    His two groups, super political action committee (PAC) American Crossroads and its general interest group cousin Crossroads GPS, funneled at least $176 million of donor money into anti-Obama advertising and Republican candidates, who lost en masse on November 6. Some reports put the dollar figure well above $300 million.

    In its historic 2010 ruling, “Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission,” the US Supreme Court struck down limits on corporate campaign spending, essentially giving companies the same basic right to political speech that individuals have.

    Citizens United unleashed a torrent of funds from corporations and wealthy individuals — on both sides of the political fence, but still almost 2 to 1 in favor of Republicans, especially to various Tea Party related organizations. This well known political front for the Kock brothers was lavishly funded, but since most of the funds were given in secret, there is no way to determine which groups got how much.

    The Sunlight Foundation, which advocates greater transparency in government and elections, estimated that outside groups spent a total of more than $1.3 billion in independent expenditures to influence the outcome of the 2012 races. Almost $ 900 million of this went to Republican causes.

    In the case of a public policy advocacy group like Crossroads GPS, spending must be reported but the donor information can be kept confidential, allowing billionaire conservatives to spend sky-high sums without being identified. An estimated $ 2 billion was spent by a fairly small number of Conservatives to fund a wide variety of Republican shadow organizations.
    Conservatives have become very upset with the IRS because some of this secret money has been denied tax exempt status by the IRS, and this has prompted Conservatives to give even more money to such secretly funded organizations.

    Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson acknowledged parting with no less than $54 million of his own money to try to get Romney elected. Official sources can document that Adelson and his wife gave at least $ 90 million to various Republicans altogether, just in 2012 alone.

    But of the 14 races targeted by American Crossroads, just three were won by Republicans, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, a group that publishes election expenses. Crossroads GPS fared only slightly better; the group was seven for 24 in its races. Generally, it appears that many big money Conservatives are spending Billions trying to stop the rising tide of demographics that strongly favor Democrats. Only time will tell if they can succeed.

  9. “…mostly Republican movers and shakers…”
    Like the overwhelmingly (by donations) pro-Obama Wall Streeters, or Warren Buffet, or Zuckerberg, or Ted Turner, or Bill Gates, or George (vomit) Soros, or …?
    Dear Leader is doing everything he can to dismantle America, and you talk of “…Right wing hatred for America…”? What are you on?

  10. Turn off the lights and HVA/C System IN The White House, stop feeding the inmates and send them all back to Chicago. Chicago obviously needs more Esteemed Community Organizers to stop the gun violence and organize more idiot voters to continue this madness. Make them all read the US Constitution or lock them all up until they do.. The voters will come to be enlightened once they see their taxes and costs of OBABA CARE take root. Who in their sane mind would endorse this

  11. Gollin Lied, Babies Died
    All Dr. Jerroll Dolphin wanted was to bring doctors and medical care
    to the poor, sick and dying of Liberia, an African country in the
    throes of violent chaos and civil war. Against all odds he nearly
    succeeded, opening St. Luke School of Medicine, obtaining government
    accreditation, and even graduating medical doctors who achieved an
    excellent 88% pass rate on national medical board exams.

    Thanks to Dr. Dolphin’s efforts, for the first time in ten years
    doctors brought medicine to hundreds suffering in refugee camps.
    Twenty-five new doctors were licensed, many of whom paid nothing at
    all in tuition for their education.

    All leftist college professor George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George
    Dana Gollin) wanted was another line to add to his 29 page resume.
    Gollin, employed as a physics teacher at the University of Illinois,
    desperately craved recognition as an “expert” in higher education
    accreditation, despite having no education or experience in the
    subject. Stuck in a dead end career, and with his wife earning 60%
    more money than he did at the same school, Gollin urgently needed a
    trophy to establish his credibility.

    His opportunity came when the rebels controlling the education system
    in Liberia began demanding a $6,000 a month bribe from Dr. Dolphin and
    St. Luke. When the school refused to pay, George Gollin saw his
    opportunity. Acting as a “consultant” to the corrupt Liberian regime,
    court documents allege that George Gollin began a campaign to slander
    St. Luke as an illegal “diploma mill” operation.

    As a result of George Gollin’s alleged treachery, St. Luke School of
    Medicine could not provide the doctors and medical care that the
    African people so desperately needed. And without such care, untold
    numbers of African men, women and children suffered needlessly and
    died cruelly. George Gollin got that extra line on his resume,
    written in the blood of dead African babies.

    Now Dr. Dolphin and St. Luke School of Medicine are suing George
    Gollin and the University of Illinois in a California federal court.
    Dolphin already has obtained a $120 million judgment in the country of
    Ghana against some of the defendants. But how much are dead babies
    worth to George Gollin?

  12. GEE… I GUESS OUR GOVERNMENT DOES AN AWFUL LOT OF STUFF THAT WE NEED TO HAVE DONE!!! Too bad Corporate America and its mostly Republican movers and shakers and owners won’t do most of that kind of stuff…. NO PROFIT IN DEFENDING AMERICA OR TAKING CARE OF ITS SICK AND INJURED AND ELDERLY, OR IN TAKING CARE OF THE MILLION PLUS SQUARE MILES OF LAND THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR!! And, yeah, that Republican Ben Bernancke is really cranking up the Public portion of the Federal Debt by buying up trillions of dollars of Federal debt! OF COURSE, BY DOING THAT, THE FEDERAL RESERVE HAS SAVED THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WELL OVER A TRILLION DOLLARS IN INTEREST JUST SINCE OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT, AND WILL SAVE THE US MANY TRILLIONS IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE OF WHAT IT IS DOING NOW… but lets not mention THAT because this article is all about stirring up Right wing hatred for America and for Americans and their ELECTED government!!!

  13. Lord help us JESUS!
    why is the president getting his salary?
    why are his assistants getting their salary?
    what about all the people that work for obama’s wife?
    why are they getting paid?
    why are the Senators and Congressmen getting paid?
    why are the staffs of the Senators and Congressmen getting paid?
    something just doesn’t seem right about all of this crap!
    Hopefully this will wake people up and they’ll start getting involved
    in what is happening!
    God bless America!

  14. “In the end, this shutdown could turn out to be very good for America.”

    It would be good if the media and our elected representatives reported the shutdown on facts, not hyperbole. Unfortunately there are so many people who buy into the “sky is falling” narrative or cannot see any alternatives to government handling everything that they cannot see what a farce this shutdown really is.

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