Is Bill Clinton Hiding a Giant Secret?


Another tornado could be swirling around the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

With nothing but peculiar timing and circumstantial evidence, though, the American public will ultimately have to decide for itself.

Clinton, who served two terms from 1993 until 2001, has witnessed a meteoric rise in his net worth since leaving the presidency.

But did a secret buried inside the pages of an out-of-print book help build Clinton’s fortune? And can everyday investors use this secret to get rich, too?

In his final year of office, Clinton was paid a salary of $200,000.

By the time he entered private life in January 2001, he and Hillary reported a total net worth of only about $1 million. The majority of that came from Hillary’s pension accounts.

Clinton is now worth an astronomical $80 million.

But Clinton’s personal wealth explosion – from 2001 straight through the Financial Crisis – also happens to coincide with another fascinating storyline. That is, the unnatural price appreciation of a mysterious, out-of-print book.

Coincidence? Let’s examine.

Did Clinton Find the Buried Secret?
Did Bill Clinton use a secret hiding inside a mysterious book to amass a fortune? There’s no smoking gun. But a new investigation suggests that it’s possible. The author of the book used the secret to build a $27-billion empire. Armed with this secret, it’s hard for investors to ever lose. Click here for a few more details.


Did Clinton own a copy of this extraordinary book? Or was the unusual symmetry between Clinton’s wealth explosion and the rise of the book just chance?

Some of the most respected publications on Earth, like Forbes, BusinessWeek andThe Economist, have praised this work. And prestigious academic institutions, like Harvard, Stanford and Yale, have even sought the author’s services.

The book is said to contain a secret to always beating the stock market.
It sold for $9.95 on the day it was originally released in 1991.

Today, less than 300 copies are known to exist, which has pushed the price of the book to upwards of $3,000.

For comparison’s sake, the appraised value of John Steinbeck’s 1939 classic, The Grapes of Wrath (first edition), is $1,579.

Steinbeck’s 1937 classic, Of Mice and Men (first edition), is valued at $2,125.

These are two of the greatest literary feats in history, authored by a man who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962.

So how can an out-of-print investment book be worth more than both of Steinbeck’s classics?

And is it merely a coincidence that Clinton’s net worth was shooting to the moon just as the book’s value was?

Although no one can say for sure, the book’s secret could help anyone who uses it turn $10 into $9,259, over and over again.

The book hit shelves in 1991 with very little fanfare.

It was well received by the Wall Street community, the press and investors alike, garnering praise for its simple strategy to buy low and sell high.

The book sold a few thousand copies, and then ended up in the sales bin to make room for newer books.

Soon thereafter, the book went out of print, without a whimper. It happens all the time in the publishing industry.

But this story wasn’t over.

As it turns out, the author, who’s now regarded as a genius, buried a secret inside the book.

The secret unlocks the stock market’s greatest riches, according to a new investigation led by the world’s foremost expert on the book, Louis Basenese.

“The author made a billion dollars on the merits of the secret inside the book,” says Basenese, adding, “There’s absolutely no reason an ordinary investor couldn’t aggressively build his own fortune.”

Through good markets, the author won.

Through bad markets, he still won.

Straight through the financial crisis, the author kept winning. (His assets have tripled since 2007.)

With every win, the author quietly moved further up the Forbes list, all thanks to the secret he hid inside the book.

“It’s the most brilliant piece of non-fiction literary work over the last 100 years,” says Basenese.

It’s also one of the most stolen books in the world.

Only 262 libraries report having a copy. As for the few libraries lucky enough to have the book, most prohibit it from ever being checked out.

Estimates suggest that fewer than 300 copies of the book remain in existence. Given that the book contains a secret to turning $10 into $9,259, copies are likely to keep disappearing.

Some believe that Wall Street has been destroying copies of the book for years to help guard the secret.

Others say the author himself is destroying the books.

Today, if you can even find a copy, the appraised value is an astonishing $2,500.

When directly asked if the book played a role in Bill Clinton’s personal wealth explosion, Basenese said the following…

“Although there’s no proof that Clinton used the book’s secret, you have to wonder how someone could build such immense wealth during the worst crisis in history.

“Mr. Clinton has a knack for being smarter than the crowd, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if you found a copy proudly sitting on the 42nd President’s mantel.”

For more information about this mysterious book, click here.

Ahead of the tape,

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