Three U.S. Economic Charts Obama Hopes You’ll Never See

Today I’m going to show you three charts Obama hoped you’d never see.

Brace yourself.

You’re about to get a very different view of the “recovery” picture that the administration keeps painting for us.

This one, for starters, is accurate.

It also explains why incoming Fed Chair Janet Yellen can’t cut stimulus, which is one of the reasons you have an opportunity to make some money here… especially if you follow my “mid-December plan.” More on that in a minute.

Let’s start with the charts…

The White House positively hates this first one…

Charted Truth No. 1
U.S. payrolls are 1.5 million jobs short of where they were in 2008, and the “partimeification” of America continues unabated.

Yes, the White House hates this chart, because it shows – in excruciating detail – that the recovery they keep trying to convince the rest of us is happening is little more than a complete evisceration of our labor base.

At a time when we should be seeing robust growth, what we’re seeing is a huge percentage of productive workers shunted to the sidelines. Actual unemployment is more likely 14% to 17% if you factor in the under-employed and those who have given up looking for work.

Yellen’s already tipped her hand in this department, incidentally, noting that “below average” employment is reason enough to prevent her from raising interest rates – and, presumably, from tanking the stock markets.

Given that the Fed’s current two-pronged mandate emphasizes employment over inflation, she’ll hammer on this notion until the numbers either move the way she wants or somebody can manipulate them to match reality.

Charted Truth No. 2
Employee compensation as a percent of GDP is down to the lowest levels ever recorded.

This is another chart that fairy-dusted federal policy makers don’t want made widespread knowledge.

The White House is trying desperately to convince the American public that things are improving, as are politicians from both parties who are anxious not to lose their seats at a time when trust in their abilities has dropped to all-time lows.

Despite having spent trillions on liquidity injections, average workers are getting squeezed harder than ever before. So while profitability is now at record levels – with the average S&P 500 company generating 9.9 cents per sales dollar, according to Bloomberg – compensation is headed for the basement.

Decades of shoddy economic policy are coming home to roost, and there’s not a damn thing they’ve done about it except serve up their own self-interested legislation while selling mainstream America down the river.

Not only are huge swaths of workers being “partimeified” in an effort to further boost margins, but wages are falling well behind GDP growth. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, as reported by Bloomberg, the ratio of U.S. wages to earnings is a mere 3.2 as of Q2 2013… and falling. By comparison, that same figure averaged 4.7 from 1947 until the beginning of the financial crisis, so we’re talking about a 31.9% decrease.

Individual company data is even more graphic – pun absolutely intended.

Disney boosted operating margins from 13% in 2005 to 21% while terminating loads of workers and closing offices. Defense contractor Northrop Grumman has bluntly raised expectations by cutting jobs to boost net income. Its profit margin rose 56%, from 5% in 2009 to 7.8% in 2012, as noted by Bloomberg.

This isn’t just a U.S. problem.

In Japan, for example, Toyota, Mazda, and Panasonic have all cut tens of thousands of jobs and closed once thriving production lines while offshoring remaining production.

Even Europe, with its comparatively inflexible labor laws, is feeling the bite despite being the slowest to cut labor and, as a result, boost profits. Italian labor unions, for instance, are trying desperately to hold on to nearly 200,000 jobs split amongst 150 companies looking to cut them. France, Germany, Spain, and England are in the same boat, with companies struggling to make a go of it.

Unfortunately, the issue may be moot.

Big American companies like Ford, Whirlpool, and GE are simply selling off European operations – or closing them entirely – to save their bottom lines from the hassle, not to mention the earnings impact. Asian firms like Sony and Fujitsu are rumored to be interested in dumping European facilities, too, and for the same reasons.

I believe incoming Fed Chair Janet Yellen is keenly aware of the international implications of cheap capital and expanding margins. So she’ll do everything she can to boost both, knowing that an estimated 40% to 60% of S&P 500 revenues come from overseas operations.

Charted Truth No. 3
Earnings have doubled since October 2009, while sales growth is slowing.

Source: FactSet Earnings Insight, Standard & Poor’s Corporation, via

Under normal market conditions, slowing revenue growth and record-high profit margins are not a recipe for continued growth unless earnings can support the equation.

This time around, they are.

That’s because companies are willing to invest in potential productivity growth as long as the Fed provides the cheap capital needed to fuel it. By the way, this is what people mean when they talk about what was the “Greenspan put,” which became the “Bernanke put,” which is now set to become the “Yellen put.”

Normally, companies would be bracing for slowing activity. But this time around, they’re looking for additional earnings expansion using a trifecta of exceptionally low wage rate pressure, historically low debt service costs, and share buybacks that could boost year-over-year EPS growth by upwards of 1.5% to as much as 2%.

Yellen won’t risk upsetting this delicate balance if for no other reason than to serve Washington’s interests. I can’t imagine the pressure she’s under.

You Can Take Advantage of This Situation

The $14 trillion we’ve seen created out of thin air via a five-year rally that began 165.35% ago in March 2009 is just getting warmed up.

As long as money remains cheap and companies can cut costs further while also overtly resisting new full-time hiring, profit margins will continue to increase.

Bloomberg and S&P data pin bottom-line growth next year at approximately 10%. My own expectations are a little more aggressive.

I believe 11%-12% bottom line growth is more likely, as long as Yellen keeps her foot on the gas. I say that if for no other reason than the markets have perpetually underestimated how adept corporate America is when it comes to squeezing profits out of thin air. So rising equity prices are a means of catching up.

And the key to capturing that?

With very few exceptions, I think that “glocals” are the place to be for the next 12 months. That’s what I call companies like ABB, Raytheon, and AFLAC – firms with globally recognized brands, internationally diversified sales, strong balance sheets, and disciplined management. I’m game for small caps, too, but more as “spice” than “sauce,” so to speak. (If you follow Sid’s Small Cap Rocket Alert recommendations, you know a dash of the right “spice” can go a long, long way.)

Dividends are exceptionally important right now and should be a source of renewed emphasis for every investor, because they offer cold hard cash as compensation for the ownership risk you take when you buy them.

I’m also increasingly a fan of bottom fishing into 2014, because I think very aggressive tax harvesting will put the best companies in several key sectors on sale. If you’re not familiar with the term, that’s what people call selling big winners to harvest losses that offset the capital gains normally incurred with big winners.

My favorites at the moment include Chinese industrial fabricators, resource plays, and even REITS that have been trashed to the tune of 40%, 50%, or even more.

But act quickly – tax-loss sales have historically peaked in mid-December, which sets up a “recovery rally” of sorts into 2014.

And you just know the White House would love to tout that “it” made that happen come mid-term elections.

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Money Morning/The Money Map Report

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  1. WHAT DO YOU CALL A RIGHT WINGER WITH AN IQ OF 200!!! A football team…. but of course, the 11 offensive players are a bit smarter than the 11 defensive players!!!

  2. I have a PhD in Political Science AND a degree in nuclear physics! WHAT DO YOU HAVE, BESIDES GREAT PRIDE IN YOUR ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE… and, oh, yeah, your brown nose you acquired by kissing up to your right wing billionaire masters!!!

  3. It must be awful not to have a useful thought, only DNC talking points. You have my deepest sympathy for your lack of education & intellect.

  4. Proof here that the whole American System has morphed to the bad for the American Society in the past 20 years! Even the infamous and hated Care Marx predicted a day like this for Capitalism and warned that we prepare for it! American Capitalist Democracy has morphed into a Corpocracy, with plutocrats in charge, and fascist tools in their hands in the last thirty years!

  5. WELL… YOUR ARE PARTLY RIGHT.. BUT CONSIDER WHAT WE ARE MEASURING IN CHART 2… essential capital income versus labor income. Since capital income CANNOT really increase much without increased productivity… and since productivity is.. by definition.. driven by the efficiency of labor… what that chart is REALLY telling us is that productivity has SOARED…but nearly all of the benefits of that rising productivity has come to capital… in the form of business profits, dividends, interest income, rents, and other income on investments! If you dig into the data…WHICH RIGHT WINGERS ARE INCAPABLE OF DOING… you can see very clearly that… as you have said… the SOARING number of women in the labor force… but also the increasing ability of Black folks to actually get jobs without nearly as much discrimination as before…BUT EVEN MORE SPECTACULARLY THAN THAT… the skyrocketing number of Hispanics… very large numbers of them illegal.. HIRED AT EXCEPTIONAL RATES IN HEAVILY REPUBLICAN STATES… IN LARGE MEASURE TO REPLACE BLACK WORKERS THAT REPUBLICANS DO NOT WANT TO HIRE… all contributed to soaring productivity… more people working dramatically increased economic output… BUT AS YOU ALSO NOTED, so too has technology contributed to productivity increases. IN PURELY ECONOMIC TERMS, IT IS TOTALLY TO BE EXPECTED THAT WAGES FOR MOST AMERICAN SHOULD HAVE STAGNATED… AS THEY CLEARLY HAVE…but the Liberal ideal is that BUSINESS EXISTS TO SERVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE COUNTRY AND OF ITS PEOPLE… NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, AS REPUBLICANS BELIEVE. Just before I logged on to handle my e mail… including your comments… I finished an analysis of gross income, taxes paid, and after tax income by state…ALL BY INCOME PERCENTILES, for the latest year available… which was way back in 2006, BEFORE THE FINANCIAL CRISIS BEGAN TO MAKE ITSELF EVIDENT. The relevant numbers were APPALLING…in most states,, THE TOP 1% OUT EARNED THE BOTTOM 50%, IN THE AGGREGATE, in some cases by as much as 2 to 1!1 In the Aggregate, the top 1% earned 31% more than the entire bottom 50%, nation wide. ON A PER RETURN BASIS, THE AVERAGE TOP 1% FILER BEAT THE AVERAGE BOTTOM 50% FILER BY MORE THAN 65 TO 1 on average, and by over 100 to 1 in a number of states… AND THAT WAS AFTER FEDERAL INCOME TAXES!!! The top 5% earned ALMOST AS MUCH AS THE BOTTOM 75% COMBINED, ON AN AGGREGATE BASIS, and by almost 14 to 1 on a average per return basis… AND AS NOTED ABOVE, THESE NUMBERS ARE OLD… THEY ARE SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE, NOW… AN OFFICIAL ESTIMATE FOR 2012 SHOWS THAT… FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, THE TOP10% EARNED MORE THAN THE BOTTOM 90%, COMBINED!!! This trend toward ever more concentration of income began in 1980, and accelerated rapidly under Reagan, Bush Senior, and ESPECIALLY George Bush Junior… things trended sharply back toward less inequality under Clinto… BUT THE TREND IS NOW CONTINUING AS PER THE REPUBLICAN REVOLUTION… as most Democrats know… Obama has not ben able to stop, or even slow down, the trends that Republicans have imposed on this nation…SMALL WONDER… CAPITAL HAS BECOME SO OVERWHELMINGLY POWERFUL THAT IT HAS BEEN ABLE TO PRETTY MUCH IGNORE, OR SIDE STEP, ALMOST EVERYTHING THAT DEMOCRATS HAVE TRIED TO DO ON BEHALF OF LABOR! AND THERE IS NO REAL REASON TO BELIEVE THAT THIS WILL EVER CHANGE… SHORT OF A TRULY PROFOUND REVOLUTION… OR TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!!! The ONLY hope this nation has is that all the Puppet Republicans who are getting mauled by REPUBLICAN policies finally get their heads out of the read ends of their billionaire masters, and wake up to what is REALLY happening!!! Republicans keep telling us that government is too big and powerful… but in fact, government has ben rendered almost powerless by AN OVERWHELMING ONSLAUGHT OF RAW CORPORATE POWER… AND EVER MORE AMERICANS ARE GETTING HURT BY THAT DE FACTO RIGHT WING FASCIST COUP! In a nation where the top 1 or 2% of the population has been able to STEAL OVER A TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN EARNING POWER PRETTY MUCH EVERY YEAR FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS… when you adjust the numbers for inflation.. IT IS NO SURPRISE THAT THE RICH HAVE GOTTEN SO POWERFUL, AND ALL THE REST OF US ARE STRUGGLING JUST TO SURVIVE… the right wingers out there will attack that trillion dollars a year number…BUT RUN THE NUMBERS, YOU RIGHT WING RUMP KISSERS!!! relative to the late 1970’s, AFTER TAX income of the top 10% of the population is now well over a trillion dollars higher.. ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION, than what their annual income was in 1979… AND IN EFFECT, NEARLY ALL OF THAT EXTRA INCOME HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM ALL THE REST OF US… YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR!!!

  6. John – Does your wife work for GE? Because you know that Jeffrey R. Immelt, the CEO of the company is moving a lot of jobs over seas. You remember him right? He’s Obama’s job czar. Oh, you’re funny Diille Pickle! Given your penchant for spewing a strong left political rant, you should consider moving there as it is a Communist country which isn’t far from your current liberal thought.

  7. Come on Dille Pickle! Do you EVER run out of Kool Aid? I thought once your savior Berry Sotero was elected and ushered in Obama Care with his cohorts that you would seriously look at taking advantage of the Mental Illness benefits the coverage would afford you. Let’s hope after 1-1-2014 that you can seek the help you seriously need. Oh, by the way, what do you call a liberal with an IQ of 130? A foursome!

  8. Seems to me there are two effects that make up most of the middle chart. The first isn’t politically correct, but valid just the same. It is the women’s liberation movement which really took hold during the late sixties and increased the supply of labor reducing the unit demand. The other factor is automation which has continually improved reducing the demand for labor.

  9. BACK IN THE MID 1970’S… FRESH OUT OF THE NAVY WHERE I WAS A NUCLEAR REACTOR TECHNICIAN… I RETURNED TO COLLEGE JUST IN TIME FOR JIMMY CARTER’S DECLARATION THAT OUR ENERGY SITUATION WAS THE MORAL EQUIVALENT OF WAR…that is… we faced a VERY serious situation, and we needed to deal with it in the same way that Democrats faced World War 2 and the Cold War… in a massive and a dead serious response, that ultimately worked very well! THANKS TO MY NAVY TRAINING, I understood a lot of the technical stuff about our energy situation.. but it took a while before I really understood that the energy issue is MOSTLY about economics… and about getting Republicans to actually DO something about serious problems! AT THAT TIME… I HAD NO INTEREST IN POLITICS… IF ANYTHING, I LEANED REPUBLICAN… AND I HAD NO UNDERSTANDING OF ECONOMICS, BEYOND WHAT PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW JUST TO SURVIVE…. IN OTHER WORDS, IA HAD NO FAVORITES WHEN IT CAME TO ECONOMIC OR OTHER POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES… except that my grandfather was a strong Franklin Roosevelt Democrat…BUT BACK THEN, I DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHY… OR EVEN WHAT THAT MEANT!!! But, as I dug into the energy issue. .I WAS HORRIFIED TO LEARN THAT CARTER WAS DEAD RIGHT… WE REALLY AND TRULY WERE IN A VERY SERIOUS SITUATION… AND REMEMBER THAT CARTER WAS COMMANDER OF NUCLEAR POWERED SHIPS WHILE HE WAS IN THE NAVY… SO HIS UNDERSTANDING OF ENERGY WAS CONSIDERABLY MORE ADVANCED THEN MINE! I came to understand that our long term energy situation IS THE ACHILLES HEEL OF MODERN CIVILIZATIONS, OUR OWN AND THAT OF ALL THE ADVANCED NATIONS ON EARTH. I also began to understand that economics was the key to dealing with the whole energy situation… and that the key to economics WAS WHO WAS IN CONTROL OF THE NATIONS ECONOMIC MACHINERY! So,,,, I began to dig… deep… into economics… NOT by taking a bunch of college courses, but by compiling large amounts of historical economic data, and doing at least basic analysis… charts and tables and that sort of thing… on all of the data! AND THE RESULTS OF ALL OF THIS WERE AMAZING… WHEN DEMOCRATS WERE FIRMLY IN CONTROL OF THE NATION FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME, ECONOMIC AND JOB GROWTH WERE STRONG… WHEN REPUBLICANS WERE IN CONTROL, THE ECONOMY WAS WEAK, JOB CREATION WAS WEAK, AND THE DISTRIBUTIONS OF INCOME FAVORED ONLY THE RICH…All of that analysis was done more than 30 years ago… I even submitted my analyses as a term paper for 5 separate college course… having cleared the project with my professors in advance… THEY ALL GAVE ME A’S, EVEN THOUGH THEY DISAGREED WITH MY GRIM PREDICTIONS BASED ON MY ANALYSIS… and you should be aware that I have been right about EVERYTHING I PREDICTED… except the rise of globalism. I expected the global economy to grow, but not as EXPLOSIVELY as it has. THERE IS ONE OTHER THING THAT I PREDICTED THAT HAS NOT YET COME TO PASS… I DID predict an explosion in public and private debt, and a interest rate driven debt spiral… and ultimately an economic collapse because of it, AND the rise of the Far Right as the political response to all of that! SO FAR, THE INTEREST RATE PORTUION OF THAT DEBT SPIRAL DECLINED BY THE LATE 1980’S… BUT IT IS VERY LIKELY TO RE-EMERGE… AND WHEN IT DOES, THE WHOLE HOUSE OF CARDS IS VERY LIKELY TO IMPLODE NOT LONG AFTER!!! And the far right will likely seize control of this nation… and much of the world… not long after THAT! All of which explains my anger toward the far right puppets who will support the rise of a far right dictatorship, when the time comes… and we are probably within a decade or so of that happening. BUT, AS ACCURATE AS MY PREDUICTIONS HAVE BEEN, I HAVE ALWAYS MISSED THE TIMING OF EVENTS AND TRENDS… they happen… but usually years later than I predicted 35 years ago! ANYWAY… THE POINT OF ALL THIS IS THAT IT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR TO ME THAT DEMOCRATIC POLICIES WORK… AND WORK WELL, AND WORK FOR EVERYONE… WHILE REPUBLICAN POLICIES WORK ONLY FOR THE RICH… AND ALWAYS LEADS TO ECONOMIC CALAMITY FOR EVERYONE, IN THE END! I dread the rise of Republican control of the Federal Government, because it ALWAYS means serious economic trouble for most Americans… AND GIVEN THE MASSIVE ECONOMIC PROBLEMS THAT WE FACE, THE NEXT TIME THAT REPUBLICANS TAKE CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT… they already almost totally control the economic machinery of this nation… MAY VERY WELL DESTROY THE UNITED STATES AS A VIABLE NATION! You will spin all of this in a rather childish way, no doubt, BUT I AM TELLING YOU THAT, FOR ALL THEIR FLAWS, DEMOCRATS ARE FAR BETTER FOR THIS NATION THATN REPUBLICANS ARE… ESPECIALLY WHEN REPUBLICANS ARE TOO WEAK TO UNDERMINE THE EFFORTS OF DOMOCRATIC PRESIDENTS… AS HAPPENED TO CLINTON AND NOW TO OBAMA!!!

  10. It’s all political theater and both parties play their respective character roles yet sometimes political expediency requires that they act the part of the other. Bush II pushed hard to expand the already fiscally bankrupt Medicare system with the Medicare Prescription Drug Program (part D) as a giveaway to Big Pharma to keep their profit margins high at the expense of American taxpayers. Otherwise, seniors would have moved en masse towards far cheaper generic drug alternatives. Obama has taken on the role of war monger and eviscerator of civil liberties. On the macro governmental level neoliberals and neoconservatives work closely together – it’s a matter of what layer of control you are looking at and we will remain mired in the same hellish quagmire if we don’t understand the fundamental source of our problems.

  11. JohnDille, you have opinion without knowledge or deep background and that position only serves the deepen the faux left vs. right political divide. It was under Clinton’s administration that the Glass Steagall Act was effectively repealed deliberately preparing the groundwork for the bankster’s creation of a massive derivatives and housing bubble (monetary inflation) house of cards setting up the largest transfer of wealth in history. The last Dem POTUS who truly served the American public was JFK, and his replacement reversed JFK’s intention to withdraw from Vietnam making sure the war raged on. The formal takeover of American government was during the Carter era as the Trilateralists consolidated their power in the White House, finance and industry, and foreign governments. Both the political RINOs and DINOs are tearing apart our nation and economic security. Please educate yourself or you will do us more harm than good.

  12. That is why I choose to be independent. I am also poor. I refuse to cheat. Earmarks, graft, loopholes, are what politicians, businesses, and bankers use to steal money from the masses.

    Throw away the political parties. Make the bushes, Clintons, Soros, ayers, and other rich pucks need to pay off china.

  13. MY WIFE… AND ABOUT 400 OTHER PEOPLE…ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS BY THE MIDDLE OF NEXT YEAR…The company she and they work for is moving to China to take advantage of all the tax breaks Republicans have created for them, and to take advantage of all the cheap labor.. BUT THIS IS A FOOD COMPANY, SO I WOULD GUESS THAT AMERICANS WILL SOON BE IMPORTING CHINESE TOXIC METALS AND OTHER POLLUTION… and will never know it because the name will still be American,,, even though a Brazilian Billionaire bought the company! The Republicans who owned the company will make out like bandits, because of Republican rules that give this whole transaction some HUGE tax subsidies and breaks! AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF DESPISE REPUBLICANS AND THEIR ANTI AMERICAN AND ANTI WORKING PERSON POLICIES!!! The ONLY beneficiaries of Republican misrule have been the very rich… and the Chinese Communist party!!!

  14. If any of them support the Federal Reserve Bank, I will charge them with being corrupt. The proof? Anyone who supports a banking cartel that has lessened the value of a currency, in this case the dollar, by over 90% in 100 years is corrupt. So that would cover most of the thieves that have sat in the White House and in Congress for the past century, including the current bunch of grifters, democrat and republican. Now, take a deep breath, hit that CapsLock key, and yell at me about how the democrats are pure and innocent saviors and about the evils of the republicans. I never can get enough of your naive tantrums.

  15. I GUESS EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE OLD TO 3 YEAR OLDS LIKE YOURSELF!!! Educated people counter arguments they disagree with by citing evidence and by using reasonably rational arguments. WHERE ARE YOUR RATIONAL ARGUMENTS AND SUPPORTING EVIDENCES??? Oh yeah… right wingers just make up lies and make personal attacks against those they disagree with…BECAUSE THERE ARE FEW VALID ARGUMENTS… AND NO LEGITIMATE PROOF, THAT ANY RIGHT WINGER CAN USE TO SUPPORT THEIR ATTACKS!! So… go back and play with your crayons, little boy!!!

  16. WHAT ONE WORLD BANK IS THAT??? The IMF… which the United States almost totally controls!! As for gold…NO ONE takes it seriously as anything but a pretty commodity… except in poor countries where they use it like a bank account because most poor people have NO access to legitimate banks! Meanwhile, the United States is officially sitting on by far the largest trove of gold in the world… and is neither buying nor selling any of it!!! AS FOR YOUR CHARGES OF CORRUPTION… as a political science major, Machievelli’s The Prince was required reading…ONE OF HIS MOST FAMOUS, AND RELEVANT CONCEPTS WAS THAT PEOPLE WHO TALK ABOUT POLITICAL CORRUPTION are themselves corrupt… unless they can show that some politician is corrupt, AND /OR tries to do what they can to end the corruption!!! MAKE YOUR CHARGES OF CORRUPTION AND SHOW YOUR PROOF OF IT…or YOU are just as corrupt as any politician… in part because charging corruption without any proof is libel… and libel IS a form of corruption… especially when leveled at public officials!

  17. You are yelling again. I have never been a republican. I have no interest in letting a lying politician do my thinking for me. Never have. When you fall for the party rhetoric, you are playing right into their greedy hands. As far as voting along party lines, uh, no kidding! They still have the public platform to uphold. And, apparently you have not noticed this, but regardless of which side gets legislation passed, the result is always the movement of power and wealth to them and their friends. Excepting religion, party politics is the largest con perpetuated going, and you signed right up. In capital letters no less. Enjoy.

  18. Republicans side ONLY with the very wealthy, while Democrats are trying to help save America and most Americans from Republican stupidity

    Democrats have done NOTHING for me but TAKE, TAKE, TAKE. The worse that the Republicans have done to me is IGNORE, IGNORE and IGNORE. If you ask me which would I prefer, it is to be ignored, not to be stolen from time after time after time again and to pretend that I LIKE it. Democrats help only those who won’t help themselves!

  19. You were hoping to see the Republican fantasy come true… Democrats vs democrats… so that Republicans can do what right wingers have ALWAYS done… create phony divisions among their opponents, and then DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!

  20. SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN NOTING RECENTLY IS THAT A LOT OF REPUBLICANS WHO USED TO BASH ONLY DEMOCRATS ARE NOW BASHING REPUBLICANS, TOO, AND BLAMING BOTH PARTIES FOR WHAT REPUBLICANS HAVE DONE!!! I guess long time Republicans are looking for scapegoats now that they FINALLY realize just how incompetent and stupid Republicans have been for the last 100 years or so!!!… AS FOR THERE BEING NO REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES…There is SOME truth in that, no doubt….BUT IF THERE TRULY IS LITTLE DIFFERENCE, THEN WHY… ON VOTE AFTER VOTE AFTER VOTE… THE OUTCOME IS RIGHT DOWN PARTY LINES…with rarely no more than 2 or 3 people crossing the aisle??? OH YEAH… IT IS BECAUSE THEIR IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES… Republicans side ONLY with the very wealthy, while Democrats are trying to help save America and most Americans from Republican stupidity, greed, arrogance, selfishness, and short sightedness… not to mention INCREDIBLY SUPERFICIAL thinking… if you can describe what Republicans do as “”thinking””!

  21. The second sentence should have begun “And given that democrats and republicans”. Must have a freudian thing. But on a positive note it will give you another reason to yell at me.

  22. You do an outstanding job of ignoring facts when they don’t fit your narrative. And given that democrats and democrats have been represented about 50/50 for quite a few decades, your heroes on the left have been complicit, incompetent, or both. The idea of democrat and republican parties is a myth, perpetuated by lying politicians onto gullible folks like you. The parties are nothing but the left and right arms of the Big Government Party, a party that is insistent on bringing wealth and power to itself and the bankers that they work with. Maybe all of your yelling and screaming has harmed your vision and you cannot see what is unfolding before your eyes.

  23. John, both parties are to blame. Catering to the one world bank, who has seen fit, to make away with our gold. You have heard, no doubt, of the one party? We have a major disguise taking place. Between bankers, lawyers, and big business. The terms bribes and extortion come to mind. They call it progress, but in reality, it is job removal and more profits.

  24. The only thing that comes to mind after reading your comment is, “how does someone as stupid as you get to be as old as you are?”

  25. My wife informed me today, that cuts were coming were she works. I am told to invest, how can you invest when it is a struggle to make ends meet every month? I see the Fed reserve printing fake dollars. This is about like when Sam Houston and the Cherokee Nation asked, then President Andrew Jackson, Where is the gold you promised? Instead, they got paper.

  26. THE MIDDLE CHART TELLS THE TALE…As Republican policies have allowed the rich and giant corporations to skim more and More and MORE off the top, most Americans are getting hurt, have less to spend, and thus the economy is spiraling downward…EXCEPT FOR THE RICH, OF COURSE.. Republicans are taking very good care of their wealthy supporters… at the expense of all the rest of us!! Naturally, Republicans and other clueless people want to blame all of this on Obama… but the record is clear… from the second chart above, but also from many of the other charts that one could make to illustrate the long term big picture…THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON WORKING PEOPLE, AND ON AMERICA, HAS SUCCEEDED BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS!!! And best of all, the very people who have caused this catastrophe are also succeeding in brain washing a very large minority of the VERY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN HURT THE MOST… WORKING CLASS REPUBLICANS…that Obama and the Democrats are to blame! I guess Republican puppets really and truly are dumb beyond belief!!! the ones that routinely post on this board are prime examples!

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