Forbes’ Top 25 Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2016

Choosing a retirement spot can be overwhelming given the number of possible locales.

To help, we’ve written in the past about the worst places to retire, places to retire overseas, and even places to retire for people who absolutely hate the cold.

Now those at Forbes have done their own research and have released a list of the best places to retire in 2016 in the U.S. They looked at things like cost of living, home prices, taxes and even unemployment rates, just in case you want to work part-time in retirement. The list isn’t a ranking, rather a solid list of 25 cities that offer different perks for retirees, depending on what you’re looking for. Check out five of their recommendations below and head over to Forbes to see the complete list. 

Abilene Texas


Apache Junction, Arizona


Apache Junction offers the best of both worlds for both city folks and nature buffs. It’s close to both the entertainment and nightlife of Phoenix, but is also a short distance from a large national park. Warm weather plus a retiree-friendly tax situation make this a great choice for anyone wanting to retire in the southwest.


Athens, Georgia
Athens is a college town, home to the University of Georgia, with a strong economy and low crime rates. The tax climate is retirement-friendly, the city is walkable and the weather is on the warm side, making it a great choice for people wanting to head south.


Bella Vista, Arkansas
This small northern Arkansas town, close to the Missouri border, is very budget friendly. The cost of living is 12 percent below the national average, Forbes says, and the average home price is low.


Blacksburg, Virginia
Another college town on the list, Blacksburg is home to Virginia Tech, with a strong economy and mild climate.

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