These 3 Stocks Just Raised Their Dividends

Now, that’s a little better.

After a few sluggish weeks with only the occasional dividend raise, the market started to wake up last week with a slightly higher number of increases. We’re still some distance from the next earnings season, so it’s good we have this to maintain investor income morale. Here are three notable recent raisers.


Big telecom services provider Verizon (NYSE: VZ) is dialing up a higher dividend. The company said its next quarterly payout will be $0.59 per share, a 2% bump from the preceding amount.

It’s not easy to grow a business when you’re one of its top incumbents. Compounding that, determined competition has forced Verizon to offer unlimited mobile plans, which of course affects revenue. Nevertheless, the company did a good job adding new subscribers in its most recently reported quarter and landed comfortably in the black on the bottom line during the period.

Verizon isn’t the cash-generating machine it once was, which could develop into a problem. Trailing-12-month free cash flow was down substantially, at under $2.4 billion — substantially below what the company handed out in dividends. Meanwhile, the new dividend’s payout ratio is 61% — not an alarming number, but not particularly low, either.

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