Apple’s Announcement Was A Snoozefest Unless You Are Fanboy

I am a self-admitted Apple fanatic, however, yesterday’s announcement of their new offerings left a little to be desired… by me.


Because I am waiting for the next great innovation not these small, seemingly minor additions to their already amazing iPhone.

Reading up on the Apple reviews this am has me believing I might be alone in my view.

Nilay Patel of The Verge writes:

We just got a quick chance to play with the iPhone X, Apple’s new flagship phone arriving later this year.

The thing that a lot of people want to talk about with the iPhone X is its $999 starting price, but when you have the phone in your hand, it feels… worth it.

The iPhone X doesn’t arrive until November, and based on what we’ve seen in our brief impressions, it’s going to be quite popular when it does. Even if it does start at a thousand dollars.

The iPhone X feels like ‘the future of the smartphone’.

Matthew Dunn of NZHerald has a similar take to mine:

I can already hear the keyboard strokes of Apple fanboys getting ready to abuse me on Twitter, but there is no way I am paying over NZ$2000 for the iPhone X.

There is no denying Apple has released a solid product with the iPhone X.

It has the redesign fans had been calling for since the iPhone 6S and includes a number of good features.

The only problem is you can get the same features on other phones for a fraction of the cost.

So do I think it’s worth spending more than a laptop on an iPhone? Sadly not.

Twitter had their own meltdown over the Apple announcement:

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