Gold Gains As Dollar Dives On Asian Open

With China still enjoying their National Golden Week holiday, it appears the algos are unable to maintain their normal patterns of behavior…

Instead of the ubiquitous rise in USDJPY, sparking risk-on sentiment for all to follow, tonight USDJPY is falling at the open and that means gold is up (albeit marginally)…

But it’s not just JPY, all the majors are bid versus the greenback sparking a notable downdraft to the Dollar Index…


For now US and Asian equity futures are unaffected, but bonds are extending gains from the day session.

As Bloomberg’s Mark Cranfield notes, the sudden wave of USD bearishness running through Asia markets on Wednesday appears to be investors in the region reacting to the Fed short list. Betting markets show a surge in interest for Jerome Powell, who would be expected to take a dovish tack.

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