North Korea Is Being Defended By The Left? Wait What?

In yet another example of the insanity that is the new liberal orthodoxy in the age of Trump, multiple mainstream news outlets, as well as numerous left-wing activists, are now publicly calling for Twitter to ban President Trump from their platform for threatening North Korea.

You read that correctly. American media outlets are not only defending North Korea, they are actually claiming that threatening the rogue nuclear nation constitutes “hateful speech” that must be censored.

Articles in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Slate Magazine, and the Globe and Mail have all called for censoring the president in the last week, ostensibly because of his threats against North Korea but in reality because the legacy media absolutely despises the fact that the president can speak to the American people without going through the establishment gatekeepers first.

The Washington Posts article isn’t even labeled an opinion piece, instead the paper called their public call for censoring the democratically elected president an ‘Analysis”:

Why has Twitter not taken action against Trump’s tweets — or banned his account for violating its policies on hateful content and/or violent threats?

In September, you might remember, Twitter defended its decision to keep Trump’s account intact when the president tweeted something else that was interpreted as a threat to North Korea.

The New York Times also reported on the calls to censor the president over threatening a nation that literally wants to destroy the entire country. Notice how the reporter is openly worried that nothing Trump says will ever get him banned.

Is there any situation that would cause Twitter to suspend or ban President Trump?

Given Friday’s announcement, it seems highly unlikely that President Trump will ever lose access to his account while he still holds office.

In the past, Twitter has insisted that there are no exceptions to its rules and that all individuals using the platform must adhere to them, or risk disciplinary action or permanent suspension.

But the company refused to entertain hypothetical scenarios about suspending high-profile accounts, including that of Mr. Trump.

Make no mistake, the legacy media simply cannot stand that their enemy (Trump) can speak to their other enemy (the American people) without his words being filtered through them.

Canada’s second largest newspaper, The Globe and Mail, also called for the president to be banned:

The menacing presence of U.S. President Donald Trump has once again darkened our doorways, creating even graver concern that the fate of the world lay in the hands of an unbalanced, paranoid control freak. On Tuesday, the President took to his favourite social media platform, Twitter, to taunt North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, over whose nuclear arsenal was the biggest and most effective.

This was in response to Kim Jong’s statement on Monday that the U.S. was within range of a strike and that a nuclear button was always on his desk.


Of course, we don’t know if Mr. Trump will succeed in taking us over a cliff after mocking someone as unstable as Kim Jong once too often, unleashing a firestorm of pain and unimaginable loss in the process. If it does happen, however, there will be blood on the hands of many people, and many institutions that stood by silently while the President laid the groundwork for chaos and destruction.

Among those who will have plenty to answer for are the powers that be at Twitter, which has allowed Mr. Trump to use the social media platform as his own bully pulpit from which he has harassed, threatened and used fear to silence voices of opposition in violation of the company’s own code of conduct rules.

Additionally, multiple liberal activists have actually targeted Twitters CEO Jack Dorsey for refusing to stop the President of The Untied States from posting on his platform.

As Slate reported, “Protesters gathered outside Twitter headquarters this week to project a message onto the building: “jack is #complicit.” In a Facebook post, the group Resistance SF wrote that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was violating “the rules of his own company” and “endanger[ing] the world.”


As I noted above, this is the height of liberal insanity in the age of Trump. Liberals will apparently stop at NOTHING to hurt the president and now do not even want him to be able to use one of the largest social media websites on the planet.

For their part, Twitter has amazingly decided to not bow to the hard-left, making note in a statement Friday that they would not be banning any world leaders and that military threats do not constitute the type of threats that can get you kicked off their website.

“Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate,” the statement reads. “It would also not silence that leader, but it would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions.”

One can only imagine what the next line of attack against the president will be but when you consider that his enemies have called him mentally ill, claimed he cannot read, and that he should be banned from Twitter, it is safe to assume it will be extremely Orwellian.

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