Russia’s Biggest Enemy Is…?

Based on a new poll released by Russian pollster, Levada Center, 66 percent of Russians believe their country has an enemy.  68 percent of that group named the United States as that enemy as tensions between these Cold War foes continue to escalate.

Ukraine was also referred to as an enemy by 29 percent of that group along with the European Union.

Other listed enemies included China, “the opposition,” liberals and oligarchs, but each at less than two percent, according to The Moscow Times.

About 25% of those respondents claimed Russia “is surrounded by enemies on all sides.”

The results of this poll reflect the growing perception about the U.S. and its current relationship with Russia.  It is no secret that the United States intelligence community, as well as many in Congress, have accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

President Trump, a heavy target of a special investigation into Russian collusion, has refused to blame Russia for interfering in the election despite multiple intelligence agencies saying otherwise.

This problem has polarized the two superpowers since 2014 when President Obama placed sanctions on Russia that may have hurt their economy.

Those sanctions were created and enforced after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, an action the U.S. and other nations around the world denounced as illegal. In November 2016, Obama and the EU agreed to keep the sanctions in place.

The U.S. has accused Russia of backing factions in eastern Ukraine in direct defiance of previously agreed to peace agreements.

As ill-will continues to grow, each nation has built up its military presence in Europe.

The U.S. has ordered more troops to the area as well as tanks and other vehicles to Eastern Europe.   Russia did the same along its western border.

What’s the next move?

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