Here’s Why Zero People Showed Up To The ‘Impeach Trump’ Event

Why did nobody show up? You know, Breitbart was the one who figured out that this event was a total flop, and then the reporters of Breitbart reached out to some of the people who were putting it together. No response. Then immediately after this was reported on, the website took down the event. They just wanted to forget about it.

Why did nobody show up to this event? Is it because all of a sudden everybody loves Trump? I don’t think so. Is it because nobody in the country wants to impeach Trump? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s because even Leftists are tired of being taken for suckers. And they’re tired of being taken for suckers by their own alleged leaders. You know the Left has cried wolf for three years — more than three years. This is the result of that. The Left put all their eggs in one basket, and that basket was the Russia collusion narrative.

We’re going to impeach Trump because he’s a traitor, [and] because he colluded with Russia, and it just didn’t happen. So then it was Stormy Daniels. Trump slept with a porn star, and we’re going to take Trump down for that. Then it was his finances. Then it was back to Russia again, and then it was racism. Then he called neo-Nazis very fine people, except then you look at the tape and he didn’t call neo-Nazis very fine people. He explicitly condemn them.

And then, and then, and then, and then: There was never any argument for impeachment. The Left knows this, and the rank-and-file knows this, and they’re sick of it. Look, it’s not that the Left doesn’t want to impeach Trump. It’s just, you know, you got to put on your pants in the morning, and walk out the door, you got to take the bus, you’ve got to go over to the Capitol, you gotta hold up the signs, ‘Impeach Trump.’ They don’t believe it anymore because it’s not going to happen. It is not going to happen. The anti-Trump rhetoric from the mainstream media and Democratic candidates is still in a fever pitch, but it doesn’t correspond to reality.

Compare the Resistance, the Trump Resistance, to the Tea Party. Think about these two things: Tea Party 2010, even a little bit before that, totally legitimate movement, rose up in opposition to a massively unpopular law called Obamacare, [which] tried to [overtake] a sixth of the economy, that took away Americans’ doctors, that made prices go up — the quality of care decrease — that unconstitutionally forced Americans to buy a private product from the federal level. Also, the Tea Party was running against a terrible economy. Barack Obama comes in [during] a recession sure, but then because of his awful economic policies there was no recovery. Slowest recovery in history.

They also, in the Tea Party, were running against a very unpopular corporate bailout. So the big banks, I mean there were several bailouts but there was a bailout of the banks, then there was the unpopular stimulus plan. The banks, in part, get us into this mess and then what do we do? The federal government uses our tax dollars to bail them out. There was this slush-fund stimulus package that didn’t bring with it any jobs. They also were running against expanded wars in Middle East. Barack Obama expanded wars in the Middle East almost immediately after he got elected. And what did the Tea Party do? They had these legitimate grievances — they were very specific, they were very particular. They organized, they rallied their candidates, and they won 1000 seats around the country. That’s impressive.

The thing I always noticed about Tea Party rallies, I went to a number of them … I was working on campaigns at the time … The Tea Party would show up, and they’d leave their rallies, and the place looks cleaner than it did before they got there. You know they were very well behaved. Say whatever you will about the ideology of the Tea Party, which I think was really positive for the country. But they were well behaved. They were serious people. Compare that to the Resistance.

The Resistance is a bunch of aggrieved ex-hippies and blue-haired feminists who don’t like Trump’s mean tweets. That’s it. What are they running against? Are they running against some unpopular law? What’s the unpopular law. Tax cuts? Yeah, we need to sweep the country because Trump let us keep more of our money! I don’t think so. Is it the economy? No, the economy’s doing great. Is it wars in the Middle East? If anything, President Trump has curtailed wars in the Middle East. They’re not running against anything real.

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