4 Formerly Free Things That Now Come With A Fee

The good old days of enjoying services for free are over. It seems everything comes associated with a fee now. Find out what things you used to enjoy which you now must pay for here!

Yahoo Finance shares…

More and more, …

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Why “Boring” Businesses Are More Profitable Than “Exciting” Ones

By Dan Ferris, editor, The 12% Letter

This spring, a reader wrote to me with a complaint…

He was irritated with my coverage of “World Dominating Dividend Grower”stocks (WDDGs).

These stocks are too “boring,” he said. Why pay to hear how these companies continue to do the same darn thing day in and day out?

If you’re a regular …

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Teradyne Inc. (NYSE: TER)

Teradyne, Inc. is a global supplier of automatic test equipment. The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells automatic test systems and solutions used to test complex electronics in the consumer electronics, automotive, computing, telecommunications, wireless, and aerospace and defense industries. Teradyne’s automatic test equipment products and services include semiconductor test systems, military/aerospace test instrumentation and systems, storage test systems, and …

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Déjà Vu All Over Again

By Louis Basenese (Wall Street Daily | Original Link)

It’s Friday in the Wall Street Daily Nation!

That means the longwinded analysis is out. (Hallelujah!) And some carefully selected charts are in. (Amen!)

So without further ado, check out …

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Get Paid to Buy Stocks at a Discount

By Lee Lowell (InvestmentU | Original Link)

Let’s say you’ve been interested in buying Microsoft stock and you feel $20 is a good price to pick up some shares. It currently trades at $23.50 per share, so you’ll need it to fall in price a bit before getting filled on the trade.

Most stock traders would just put in a …

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Yes, They Do: Low Interest Rates Do Make Stocks Cheap

By Chuck Carnevale

I’m inspired to write this article because I am so frustrated by the plethora of all the so-called expert market prognosticators that continuously bombard the public with negative forecasts. I consider this to be both erroneous and irrational. When the markets are doing well, we are immediately inundated with articles talking about how the market has surely …

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Should You Open Your Own Franchise?

8 Traits of Successful Franchisees

Many people believe franchise ownership is for the classic entrepreneur – the type A personality with the desire to blaze new trails in the business world. The truth is actually quite different.

Franchising is all …

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5 Smart Ways To Rid Yourself Of Credit Card Debt

5 Strategies to Pay Down Credit Card Debt

As tax season disappears in the rear view mirror, one subject that seems to get a lot of attention around this time is credit card debt. If you’re one of the many Americans with …

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Where I’m Looking For The Next 80% Overnight Gain

By Frank Curzio, editor, Phase 1 Investor

GlaxoSmithKline has a major problem.

The British pharmaceutical giant is struggling to grow sales. In fact, it looks like revenue will only increase about 4% annually over the next two years. That’s an incredibly slow rate for a company trading at 13 times next year’s earnings.

Its growth is slowing because some of …

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Kansas City Southern (NYSE: KSU)

For today’s article I will be focusing on a stock that has broken out to a 52-week high. As a reminder, when it comes to a stock hitting a 52-week high, I prefer to look for ones hitting a “NEW” high. To me, his would be a stock that hasn’t hit a new 52-week high in quite some time. In …

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