20 Facts About Hunger In America That Will Blow Your Mind

All over America there are millions of people that will be missing meals and going hungry this holiday season.  Even as much of the country indulges in the yearly ritual of unbridled consumerism that we refer to as “the holiday

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The Biggest Myth About Taxes and the Fiscal Cliff

By Louis Basenese (WallStreetDaily | Original Link)

Another week’s gone by and there’s still no resolution on the Fiscal Cliff. The only thing that’s changed, really, is investors’ fear.

As BMO Capital Markets’ Brian Belski, says, “A resolution to the

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Are Black Friday Riots a Preview Of Things to Come?

If Americans will trample one another just to save a few dollars on a television, what will they do when society breaks down and the survival of their families is at stake?  Once in a while an event comes along

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Year-end Tax Planning for the Fiscal Cliffhanger

Originally Posted on Yahoo Finance

To do year-end tax planning right, you should take a two-year perspective. You don’t want to make a move that lowers your 2012 tax bill but raises your 2013 tax bill by more. But right

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Fiscal Cliff Talks Coming Down to the Wire!

By Mike Larson (Money and Markets | Original Link)

I don’t know about you. But for me, Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love getting together with family and friends, eating my fill of turkey, watching

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The Coming Irrelevance of Black Friday

It’s Friday in the Wall Street Daily Nation.

Per our regular routine, we’re ditching the longwinded analysis. And instead, we’re featuring a handful of charts to reveal some important economic and investing insights.

You can thank American journalist, Arthur

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Make These Smart Moves By Dec. 31 For A More Secure Retirement

By Sheryl Nance-Nash (StreetAuthority | Original Link)

We are mere weeks away from kissing 2012 goodbye and saying hello to bigger and better things in the new year.

Smart moves between now and December 31 can make all the difference

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29 Signs That The Elite Are Transforming Society Into A Total Domination Control Grid

The elite want to tightly control almost everything that we do, say and think.  When most people think of “tyranny”, they think of thugs with guns and little dictators running around barking orders at everyone.  But that is not how

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Warning: This List of Obamacare Taxes Are Going To Hit The Rich, The Middle Class and The Poor

By Michael Haltman (The Political Commentator)

In other words the new taxes imposed by Obamacare will be equal opportunity hitting every level of American income in one form or another!

That’s right! For all of Barack Obama’s bluster about being

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10 Things That Will Happen If ‘Illegal’ Immigration Does Not Change

A website run by the federal government (“WelcomeToUSA.gov“) encourages new immigrants to the United States to apply for welfare benefits.  This website is run by the Department of Homeland Security and it says that it “is the U.S. Government’s official

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