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Gold and Silver8 hours ago

Why Gold’s 47-Year Bull Market Will Continue

The following monthly chart shows that relative to a broad basket of commodities*, gold commenced a very long-term bull market (47 years...

Economy9 hours ago

Uber Paid Hackers to Keep Massive Breach a Secret

Hackers stole personal information on 57 million Uber Technologies Inc. customers and drivers in October 2016, as part of a massive data...

Cryptocurrencies9 hours ago

The 3 Best Bitcoin Stocks In 2017

When the calendar does finally flip to 2018, there's a really good chance we'll look back and refer to 2017...

Cryptocurrencies9 hours ago

5 Tips For New Bitcoin Investors

Taking the plunge and entering the crypto space can be daunting. There is no centralized authority to hold your hand, and...

Economy2 days ago

The Great Retirement Con

A pension is what’s referred to as a defined benefit plan.

Economy2 days ago

North Korea’s ‘Unpredictability’ Scares Winter Olympics Visitors

North Korea’s antics are having an effect on the Olympics.

Cryptocurrencies2 days ago

Introducing Crypto-IRAs

Perhaps you’re looking for more diversification beyond those traditional investments that your custodian offers.

Trading3 days ago

Missed The Internet Boom? Here’s Your Second Chance

Right now, there's a massive bull market taking shape that's similar to the raging dot-com boom of the turn of...

Economy3 days ago

The $2.4 Trillion Hidden “Fed Tax”

Jerome Powell’s support for the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate regime has long benefited investors, who reacted favorably to news...

Cryptocurrencies3 days ago

Doomsday Preppers Are Switching From Gold To Bitcoin

The gold versus Bitcoin debate is complex, nuanced and still in its embryonic stages when put into the perspective of...