The Ironic and Soon to Be Short-lived Rush to U.S. Treasuries

Here’s how the fable goes…

Jim is in the boardroom talking to his three young analysts about where the mutual fund they manage should place its billions of cash, as the firm recently exited some equity positions.

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Did Santa come a day late for investors?

Monday may have marked the beginning of Santa Claus season for stocks, but it looks like Saint Nick was a day late this year.

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Guess Where a Big Chunk of MF Global Customer Money Just Turned Up? At JPM London

Let’s see.  MF transferred $200 million to their clearing bank JP Morgan in London three days before their bankruptcy according to the WSJ.  Dealbook says it was on the LAST business day.   And it took the regulators THIS long to find it?

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Americans could face a tax hike in 11 days

Yesterday the House of Representatives rejected the Senate-passed payroll tax cut extension and unemployment benefit bill in a 229 – 193 vote.  If these cuts are allowed to expire, 160 million Americans will see a tax increase while about 2.2 million long-term unemployed will have their benefits disappear.

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2012: Worse than 2008!

If you think 2008 was a bad year, wait till you see 2012!

The world’s largest banks have far less capital, the world’s largest governments have far less bailout power, and each is pulling the other into an abyss.

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Time for a Two-Month Trade Against the Dollar

I believe gold hit a bottom last week, and I believe it will enter a multi-month rally starting now.

I also believe that the U.S. dollar hit a near-term peak this week, and I believe it will enter a multi-month downtrend, starting now.

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We’re Closing In On a 70% Dividend

Lately, it seems billionaire precious metals investor Eric Sprott is grabbing headlines almost daily.

Sprott believes in silver and gold as money, and he has little faith in paper currencies.

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Is the euro sell-off different this time?

Net shorts by speculators in the euro versus the U.S. dollar reached a record high of 116,000 contracts last week, according to the CFTC’s commitment reports of futures positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

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Rival bidder possible for European Goldfields

The rumours were true. After a couple of weeks of speculation, Eldorado Gold Corp. has struck a $2.5-billion all-stock deal to buy European Goldfields Ltd.

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The Latest Investment Victims of the Chinese Government

Back in June, I warned readers about the breakdown in Wall Street’s favorite China stocks… the Chinese “Internet plays.” These stocks include Baidu, Sina, and Sohu. These are companies with services similar to U.S. companies like Google, Yahoo, and Twitter.

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