Protecting Yourself Against Sexually-Transmitted Debt

As we hit the season of Christmas parties and New Year bashes, many GRS readers are probably thinking about 2012 financial resolutions, budget gifts and how to whip up a frugal feast for 25th of December.

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Monti Drives Stake in Euro’s Heart — Sends Italy Down Greece-Paved Road!

As I watched the ECB news conference on Thursday, I kept wondering how the ECB president, Mario Draghi, could have so completely rejected the idea that the ECB will get into the “periphery bond buyer of last resort” business.

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2012 IPO Watch: Rovio and Zynga

Last year, people spent $67 billion buying video game hardware and games. According to market research firm Gartner, this market will likely earn another $7 billion in 2012.

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Municipal bond market starting to turn heads

In stark contrast to the gloom and doom that plagued the municipal bond market a year ago, muni bonds have never looked as good as they do right now. Although there are some obvious forces driving the trend, it is nonetheless rare to see muni bonds compare so favorably with Treasuries and other taxable bonds.

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The Big Question: Are Funds At US Financial Firms Safe?

It is nice to see someone in the mainstream media addressing this situation intelligently and without making an apology for what is apparently a criminal act and surely an egregious abuse of the public trust.

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Seven Trading Lessons from an Investing Legend

He was a very successful investor from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. And the lessons he learned are ones that can be perfectly applied to today’s times.

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The Tim Tebow Comeback Story Continues But There Will Be No Miracle Comebacks For The U.S. Economy

Never in the history of the NFL has there ever been anything like this.  Today, Tim Tebow engineered yet another miraculous 4th quarter comeback.  Almost everyone has been expecting this unprecedented string of comebacks to come to an end, yet Tebow just keeps pulling off miracle after miracle.

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North Dakota Sets More Oil Production Records in October; On Pace to Surpass CA and AK in 2012

The “Economic Miracle State” of North Dakota pumped another record amount of oil during the month of October, producing more than 15 million total barrels in a single month for the first time ever, at a daily rate of 488,068 barrels.

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The Most Consistent Trade of the Past Four Years

Tis the season for higher interest rates.

It never fails. Interest rates move higher in December – at least, that’s been the case for the past four years. Since 2008, betting on higher interest rates has been a consistently profitable trade.
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Don’t Let Uncertainty Scare You Out of the U.S. Stock Market

Compared to its foreign counterparts, the U.S. stock market is one of the best performers this year – even though some nervous investors may find that hard to believe.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index is basically flat so far this year, but that’s a far better performance than the double-digit losses in other markets.

The French and German stock markets are down about 18% and 21%, respectively. Japan has plummeted nearly 15% in the aftermath of the crippling earthquake and tsunami, and China’s Shanghai Composite Index has plunged about 17%.

Even emerging markets, where growth is not as stunted as some major developed economies, have struggled. India’s index is down about 18%, andBrazil’s 16%.

“The U.S. is the best house in a bad neighborhood,” James Dailey, manager of the TEAM Asset Strategy Fundtold CNN. “A lot of it has to do with the policy decisions and politics around the world and that’s very discomforting.”

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