Fiscal Cliff: Now it’s getting PERSONAL …

No matter what they decide in Washington in the next 28 days, the Fiscal Cliff is going to impact us PERSONALLY — in our pocket book.

It’s going to affect me, my wife, my son, my entire family.

Ditto for

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How to Profit from China’s New Phase of Explosive Growth

By Davfe Goodboy (StreetAuthority | Original Link)

China is one of the final great economic frontiers. Its oxymoronic mixture of communism and state-sanctioned capitalism has created a colossal economic engine that had been, until recently, on a sharp upward trajectory. …

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11 Facts That Show That Europe Is Heading Towards Depression

Europe is not just heading into another recession.  The truth is that Europe is heading into a full-blown depression.  The economy of the EU is actually larger than the U.S. economy, and we are watching it melt down right in

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Stocks Edge Up But Fiscal Fears Linger

Stock futures are up slightly, following modest gains in Europe, as the market awaits a resolution on the looming fiscal cliff. The S&P 500 is higher by about one-tenth of a percent. It’s been climbing for the last two weeks…

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How to Play the ‘Ultimate Asset Bubble’

By Mike Burnick (MoneyandMarkets | Original Link)

Since the Federal Reserve announced a much-anticipated third round of monetary easing known as QE III, financial markets simply have not responded the way investors may have expected. Stocks and commodities rose during …

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A Mountain of Cash and Two Shocking Rebounds

It’s Friday in the Wall Street Daily Nation.

That means I’m ditching our regular routine of commentary-based articles and, instead, using charts to present some important investment and economic insights.

This week, I’m sharing the most important Fiscal Cliff-related …

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The 383 Safest Banks in America

By Sara Glakas (StreetAuthority | Original Link)

In America, we have let our guard down when it comes to our banking relationships. We assume that everything will be fine if our bank fails. After all, the FDIC insures our deposits

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Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc. (NASDAQ: DWA)

“Today’s Big Stock” is now live on Facebook! The TBS page will be used to highlight all things technical analysis and to provide alerts when potential TBS trading opportunities appear or important market moves occur.

Click here to be one …

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You Might Not Know the Scope of the Investment Opportunity Here

By Porter Stansberry (Daily Wealth | Original Link)

Two days ago, I showed you why I’m bullish on natural gas.

With all the new supplies coming online in the U.S. – in the U.S., gas production has jumped 20% in …

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Bulls Charge into Oracle at Key Level

Oracle leapt at the open today, and option traders followed up by piling into the name. optionMONSTER’s Heat Seeker monitoring program detected the purchase of about 21,00 June 35 calls against open interest of 276 contracts. Most of the large…

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