“She Will Not Make A Good Witness”: Judicial Committee Has Blasey Ford’s Scrubbed Yearbook

While Democrats are planning to try and use Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbooks to suggest that he was a drunken sex fiend, Congressional GOP have reportedly obtained a copy of Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbook – which had been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet prior to her coming forward with sexual assault allegations against the Supreme Court nominee.

Unfortunately for Ford, this may not bode well for her credibility. Paul Sperry of RealClearInvestigations reports that a GOP committee staffer said “We have her yearbooks … She will not make a good witness.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, noted that the annual class books feature a photo of an underage Ford attending at least one party, alongside a caption boasting of girls passing out from binge drinking. Her yearbooks also openly reference sexually promiscuous behavior by the girls, including targeting boys at Kavanaugh’s alma mater, Georgetown Prep, an all-boys school in the affluent Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Ford attended neighboring Holton-Arms School, an all-girls academy. –RealClaearInvestigations

That said, while Ford’s yearbook could be an exhibit at the hearing, it could be risky for congressional GOP to use it against her. Congressional sources told Sperry “That’s a minefield, especially given the #MeToo movement.”

Evidence reportedly exists that Ford, a “popular cheerleader at the time, was immersed in an alcohol-fueled party culture and no stranger to “keg parties” in the D.C. area – or the “bar scene” along the Maryland and Delaware coast.

Ford was known as a “party girl” on the Delaware shore during summer breaks, another source with direct knowledge of the congressional investigation said.

classmates said the former cheerleader, who was known as “Chrissy,” was part of the underage drinking tradition that was no secret among Maryland prep schools in the early 1980s, when the drinking age was 18.

Her own school yearbooks (in which parents took out paid ads) celebrated “boys [and] beer” and pictured beer bottles and beer cans and scenes of boys and girls drinking at parties. One published a photo of Ford and other girls at a Halloween party alongside a caption boasting of “pass[ing] out” after playing “Quarters” and other binge-drinking games. Her father, Ralph Blasey, was president of the local country club.

One section, “While the Parents Were Out,” talked about partying with boys at area house parties where kids got so drunk they “ruined” their parents’ “heirloom Persian rugs” with vomit.

The tenth grade taught us how to party,” the girls bragged in another section. And, “Loss of consciousness is often an integral part of the party scene.”

A caption on another page talked about girls having “their choice of men” at the neighboring boys schools, including Georgetown Prep: “No longer confining ourselves to the walls of Landon and Prep, we plunged into the waters of St. John and Gonzaga with much success.” –RealClaearInvestigations

In one case, Ford was involved in “a romantic triangle” at Dewey Beach resulting in two men getting into a fistfight over her.

“She was not the wholesome Catholic girl they’re trying to portray her as,” said one source, who added that Blasey Ford (then just Blasey) was known by a sexually derogatory nickname playing off her maiden name, which suggests she was promiscuous.

Ford and her attorney – and her adviser Ricki Seidman – a former Clinton and Obama White House official and Democratic operative who advised Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings, have argued that Kavanaugh and other boys from Georgetown Prep were in fact aggressively targeting Ford and other girls from her school while getting them drunk. Ford has specifically accused Kavanaugh of groping her in a room while Kavanaugh’s friend watched.

She says she has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from the alleged attack, which she says involved an inebriated Kavanaugh forcefully groping her on a bed over her clothes while clapping his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming for help. She added that she has had to seek therapy and other medical treatment to deal with “panic attacks” and “anxiety” from the incident, which she did not report to authorities. –RealClaearInvestigations

That said, two men have independently told the Judiciary Committee that Ford may be misremembering events, and that they in fact groped her.

Unfortunately, Ford cannot provide much detail surrounding her claim thanks to a hazy memory; including the location of the house, the date of the party or how she got there. She does, interestingly, remember only consuming “one beer” at the event, and that she didn’t tell anyone about the alleged assault at the time – including her close girlfriend who she says was at the party. Her friend, however – and everyone else Ford says was at the party, have denied any recollection of it.

Sperry notes that neither Ford’s parents nor her two siblings have come out in support of Ford, and they did not sign a family letter of support circulated by her husband.

Jay Martin, a local who went to school in the area at the time, said that the Holton-Arms girls in the 1980s were hardly angels.

“I am her age,” he said of Ford. “I went to high school next to Prep and knew lots of Holton-Arms girls. This is pure false memory syndrome.”

Added Martin: “One of my best women friends had Kavanaugh ask her out [and] she said he was ‘one of the nice ones.’ His mom was a judge. I mean, seriously?”

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