Warning Signs: FedEx To Slash Thousands of Jobs Citing “Weak Global Economic Conditions”

By Mac Salvo (SHTFPlan.com | Original Link)

One key measure of global economic health is how much freight – raw materials and manufactured goods – is being shipped around the world and in the United States. In July of this …

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Boomerang: Over 20 Million Adults Now Living With Their Parents; Massive Increase Since 2007

By Mac Slavo (SHTFPlan.com | Original Link)

As the economic crisis deepens, more jobs are vaporized, millions lose their unemployment benefits, and prices for essentials goods continue to rise, many Americans are left with no choice but to move back …

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Frightening Warning Issued on Brokerage Accounts

By Mac Slavo (SHFTPlan.com | Original Link)

Former money manager Ann Barnhardt, who in November of 2011 made the decision to cease operations of her brokerage firm and return funds to her customers citing “systemic” problems within the entire financial industry, has …

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