Guess America’s Fastest Growing Class of Millionaires… Bet You Can’t

This should not come as a surprise for a country that continues to experience an expanding government role in the daily lives of its citizens. According to Forbes columnist Rich Karlgaard the answer to the question above is: Police officers,…

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The 20 Worst Funded Government Pension Plans in the United States

Alicia Munnell in her new book, State and Local Pensions: What Now?, lists the 10 worst state and local pension plans:

State Plans

1. Illinois SERS (State Employee’s Retirement System)–only 37.4% funded.

2. Kentucky ERS (Employee’s  Retirement System)—only 40.3% funded.

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“Obamacare” is about to assault you in an unexpected place

Government propaganda has reached a new extreme. Soon couch potatoes will be inundated with propaganda about centrally planned health care. Tim Graham writes at Newsbusters about the effort.

Note well, the final Graham paragraph I quote. The evil bastards at …

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The #1 Lie Behind Obamacare Exposed…

By Robert Wenzel (Economic Policy Journal | Original Link)
Anyone who understands basic economics and how interventionist government leads to greater interventionist government  knew this was going to happen. Market price signals are destroyed, supply and demand distortions start to …
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